Shaving Cream Fun: A sensory sensitive activity

If there's one thing my little guy dislikes, it's being dirty and feeling gooey things in his hands. ¬†We've tried to make slime, and while he loved the process of making it, he hated the feeling of it. and refused to touch it. I've tried several times. He also hates walking in grass with bare … Continue reading Shaving Cream Fun: A sensory sensitive activity


Sensory Scout Blanket

  Recently I purchased the Sensory Scout Blanket for Blake after I kept seeing ads for it on my social media newsfeed. It caught my interest because I've been meaning to upgrade his current weighted blanket to another; he's grown so much that his feet stick out of the bottom! He still uses a weighted … Continue reading Sensory Scout Blanket


Tomorrow morning, at 6am, Blake is scheduled for his MRI. He's going to be sedated, and that's the bit that tugs at my mommy heart the most. To think of him being drowsy in the big machine without me. This purpose of the MRI is just to rule out brain abnormalities that could be resulting … Continue reading MRI

OT Indoor Obstacle Course

For the kid with energy to spare. For rainy days. For muscle workouts. For fun. For all the other Blake's in the world. And more. I haven't fully shared what's going on with Blake and the journey we've been on recently. This will come, but we have taken some steps to help our little man … Continue reading OT Indoor Obstacle Course