Sensory Scout Blanket

  Recently I purchased the Sensory Scout Blanket for Blake after I kept seeing ads for it on my social media newsfeed. It caught my interest because I've been meaning to upgrade his current weighted blanket to another; he's grown so much that his feet stick out of the bottom! He still uses a weighted… Continue reading Sensory Scout Blanket

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The blog post today is a guest post by my sweet friend Melissa. She's recently discovered Chatbooks and has been raving about them on social media, which has peaked my interest! I asked her to write a review because it sounds like something fun that other moms would also love and enjoy. Who doesn't love… Continue reading Chatbooks

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Stitch Fix #3

The postman came today while B was taking a nap and delivered my favorite package! As soon as I see that teal logo it's like Santa visited my front porch! For this package, I requested a cross body bag to my stylist. Also included were 2 tops, navy and burgundy, a scarf, and a denim… Continue reading Stitch Fix #3

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Sleep Training a Toddler

After the hurdle of sleep training an infant, I just kind of assumed we were done. Forever. We started sleep training Blake at 4 months old and ever since then he's slept through the night with no regression.  Celebrating this success, I think Michael and I both thought that was it. We were done and the… Continue reading Sleep Training a Toddler

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Strider Kids Bike-Product Review

This past weekend we took a stroll in downtown Winter Garden and decided to take a walk through the bike shop there.  Blake is obsessed with bikes. Any time he sees one he points at it and wants to chase after it. (Other things he's also crazy about: boats, lawn mowers, motorcycles, trucks, dump trucks,… Continue reading Strider Kids Bike-Product Review

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Ikea Toddler Wagon/Walker (Product Review)

With Blake being so mobile now, but not quite walking on his own just yet, I've wanted to purchase a walker of some sort.  There's one at his daycare that keeps his attention a majority of the day, however, it isn't one that I'd want to purchase for our home.  It has all the lights,… Continue reading Ikea Toddler Wagon/Walker (Product Review)