Podcasts for Kids

I'm such a fan of Podcasts and how productive I feel listening to one, not only for myself but also for Blake.  Every morning in the car I allow him to choose his favorite one for our 25 minute drive to school, and usually he will pick a different one for the afternoon drive back… Continue reading Podcasts for Kids

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New Year Activity

I've never really been too much of a nostalgic person. Things are what they are, life moves as it moves, and there's little use in dwelling. I'm also not someone who holds on to objects. I can't stand clutter or hoarding. I am quick to throw things out, even often wishing I hadn't later on.… Continue reading New Year Activity

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Schedule and Chores for a 3-Year Old

I suppose all parents experience moments where we wish we'd done things a little differently. Or a lot differently. Or implemented something a little sooner. As with a lot of parenting skills, I'm of the mind that you should start things as soon as possible. For us, this goes for disciplining (we started time outs at 11 months),… Continue reading Schedule and Chores for a 3-Year Old

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Ear, Nose, & Throat Appointment

I've been meaning to update for weeks.  I have an entry sitting in my "drafts" at the moment that I keep coming to and adding to, but haven't finalized.  Things have been hectic, and I'm ashamed to say I don't think I've even updated since we moved! Seems like forever ago. There's much to update on,… Continue reading Ear, Nose, & Throat Appointment