Social Emotional Curriculum-NOW AVAILABLE!

It's been almost 2 years since I started my own company, Klässen Cookies. It's all been a learning curve. I've grown, gained more confidence in myself, taught myself some of the ins and outs of business, learned some legal lingo, and retaught myself HTML. I've cried, wondered what in the world I thought I was … Continue reading Social Emotional Curriculum-NOW AVAILABLE!


BINGO Board: Reading on Location

How are you doing during "national homeschooling"? Times are rough, and it's become cliche', but seriously, we're all in this together! We have to embrace that saying and help one another out.  This homeschooling-thing while simultaneously working-from -home-thing is HARD. I get it! I never thought I'd be someone who found myself homeschooling. I've always said … Continue reading BINGO Board: Reading on Location

Social Distance Learning: Resources for Parents from a Teacher

  My favorite thing about being a teacher is creating resources for my students! But, I also, admittedly, love creating resources to use at home with B. I know things are a little crazy right now, so I have a 20% off sale going on for my entire Teachers Pay Teachers store. IT ENDS ON … Continue reading Social Distance Learning: Resources for Parents from a Teacher

Active Summer Activities

It's been so fun watching Blake's personality develop the older he gets. Michael and I often find ourselves laughing until we cry over the things he comes up with. "Guess what daddy? Prince Tuesday's coming to see me!" (Daniel Tiger fans will get that one) "Momma! There's food stuck in my butt!" "I want to … Continue reading Active Summer Activities