Stitch Fix #5

It's always a fun day when my Stitch Fix box arrives! I always love all the items. This box, as usual, did not disappoint!   Kaileigh (top) and Rune (shorts) Kalisa Cutout Detail Cotton Blend Knit Top & Christine Short For this fix I requested at least one comfy outfit that could be worn around… Continue reading Stitch Fix #5

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Stitch Fix #4

It's heeeeere! Christmas in April! For this Fix I requested some shorts be included in my box since summer is quickly approaching, and because, thanks to my food allergies, I've lost a few pounds and my current shorts don't fit very well.   My favorite thing to do when I open the box is to… Continue reading Stitch Fix #4

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Stitch Fix #2

My Stitch Fix arrivals have been the highlight of my day! Seeing the box at my front door is like an awaited Christmas present! Yesterday afternoon¬†the doorbell rang, my dogs went crazy, and Blake awoke¬†up from his nap. Every mom's "Oh no!" dread. He ran out of his room looking disheveled and delirious, then angrily… Continue reading Stitch Fix #2