Merry Christmas, Delivery Drivers

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is spreading holiday cheer to those who find themselves in stressful situations, particularly those who serve the populations of people this time of year in retail, food service, and delivery drivers! I don't know about you guys, but delivery drivers inevitably find their way to our home during… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Delivery Drivers


Upcycled Candle Lid Ornaments

I really dislike to see things go to waste that have such wonderful possibilities. I can't stand clutter and I'm the first to throw things away when they don't get used, but because I enjoy crafting so much (when I have the time), I always have ideas floating around in my head of ways to… Continue reading Upcycled Candle Lid Ornaments

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Meet the Teacher “Icebreaker”

I dislike buying "Hallmark" cards. I'd much prefer to write a personalized message from my stash of blank notecards. Not only is it less expensive, it's just more personal. My extreme indecisiveness also is a factor here, because I spend 20 minutes in a sea of cards at the store trying to find the perfect… Continue reading Meet the Teacher “Icebreaker”


DIY vs Store Bought Grout Cleaner

When we moved into our house 3 years ago it slowly started to become clear that the grout in our tile was never sealed. It's been bothering me recently as we've started slowly doing various projects around the house. Our 2,000 square foot home is entirely covered in tile, which I don't quite care for,… Continue reading DIY vs Store Bought Grout Cleaner


DIY Bath Bombs

Blake is crazy about bath fizzies, as well call them around here, but also known as bath bombs. I found out they were simple to make after some Google researching, and a lot less expensive than purchasing them. Plus, I like knowing what ingredients are going into them because Blake has sensitive skin and eczema… Continue reading DIY Bath Bombs


DIY-No Sew Weighted Blanket

How to tutorial on making your very own weighted blanket.