Christmas Car Coloring Pages

If you have a car lover of a kid like me, and are looking for something to do with them to keep them engaged for the holiday, I found a few car coloring pages that are holiday themed. B is very excited about the arrival of Christmas (tomorrow) and is wanting a play by play… Continue reading Christmas Car Coloring Pages


End of the Year Kid Craft

Happy New Year! Looking for something to do with your kids for the new year? Try this! It's my end of the year kid craft! It's quick and easy, and you probably already have all the materials you need! In 2015 I started doing an end of the year craft project with Blake. I wanted… Continue reading End of the Year Kid Craft

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Meet the Teacher “Icebreaker”

I dislike buying "Hallmark" cards. I'd much prefer to write a personalized message from my stash of blank notecards. Not only is it less expensive, it's just more personal. My extreme indecisiveness also is a factor here, because I spend 20 minutes in a sea of cards at the store trying to find the perfect… Continue reading Meet the Teacher “Icebreaker”

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New Year Activity

I've never really been too much of a nostalgic person. Things are what they are, life moves as it moves, and there's little use in dwelling. I'm also not someone who holds on to objects. I can't stand clutter or hoarding. I am quick to throw things out, even often wishing I hadn't later on.… Continue reading New Year Activity

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Daycare Day 2

Blake started his new daycare yesterday. I have been a nervous wreck on the days leading up to this. I knew it was the right decision, yet I still wondered if it was the right decision. For a week I had been preparing Blake for the change.  I told him about his fun new teachers… Continue reading Daycare Day 2

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End of the Year Craft for Kids

Recently I've really been into doing crafts with Blake. Kind of a big deal for me. Aaaanyway, I wanted to do something to close out the year that would showcase him for 2015. Things that defined the little person he is! I thought about drawing a picture of a truck and having him paint it,… Continue reading End of the Year Craft for Kids