Merry Christmas, Delivery Drivers

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is spreading holiday cheer to those who find themselves in stressful situations, particularly those who serve the populations of people this time of year in retail, food service, and delivery drivers! I don't know about you guys, but delivery drivers inevitably find their way to our home during … Continue reading Merry Christmas, Delivery Drivers



Each night before bed we read books together with Blake. Usually it's any book he picks out and then a bible story. His go-to book recently has been this book I purchased from Wonderbly. This is one I bought, "Kingdom of You". It's about a boy who doesn't want to clean his room and when … Continue reading Wonderbly

Traditions & Christmas Activities

When we spent our first Christmas together as a family of 3, Michael and I talked about what kind of traditions we wanted to start with Blake. We didn't come up with anything to implement right away (what can you do with a 1 month old, anyway?) Though we'd talked about it over the past … Continue reading Traditions & Christmas Activities