Here We Come Kindergarten: My Hopefully Helpful Informational Sheet

In just two weeks my baby boy will begin Kindergarten! I can hardly believe this day is here! It seems like just yesterday he was babbling away on the changing table. I've purchased his backpack, lunchbox, school supplies, and school uniforms. So now we excitedly wait for the first day of school. He seems to … Continue reading Here We Come Kindergarten: My Hopefully Helpful Informational Sheet


Eye Appointment

Blake’s eye appt today lasted 2 hours. I spent a lot of time prepping him and explaining how the exam would work since it was his first; machines, what he would have to do, etc. I failed to explain to him the dilation and that whole process. He was amazing the whole time but fell … Continue reading Eye Appointment


I plan on writing a longer blog post about this because I really need to get it all out. Funny, I came across this article as I sat at my computer trying to gather my thoughts. 9 Reasons to Have Some Compassion for the Naughty Kid's Parents I'm not sure where to start, but I … Continue reading Purpose

What Makes Blake Awesome

I remember taking Blake in for a sick appointment when he was around two years old. We didn't see our regular doctor that day, but saw one we had seen a few times before. In the appointment Blake was alert, playful, and laughing at all of the doctor's silly faces as he poked and prodded … Continue reading What Makes Blake Awesome

ASD: Awesome Spectrum Disorder

Today marks my 4 year WordPress Anniversary! I started this blog nearly 5 years ago on blogspot, then switched over to Wodpress. I thought an anniversary warranted a post. Naturally, I want to give an update on what's going on with our little guy because it's what's relevant in our lives. It's been a rollercoaster … Continue reading ASD: Awesome Spectrum Disorder

Post MRI & EEG

As an update to Blake's MRI, he later had a 24 EEG at the hospital. He did so well hooked up to machines and bandages on his head that were recording all of his brain activity! He walked around with a smiley face backpack with wires stuck in them while playing legos and bouncing a … Continue reading Post MRI & EEG


I spend a lot of time researching ways to help Blake. And honestly as a teacher, especially teaching Gifted, the whole topic of it all just fascinates me, even taking Blake out of the equation. I've come across a blog that I've found really helpful because it's like all-in-one shopping when it comes to topics … Continue reading SPD-Proprioceptive


Tomorrow morning, at 6am, Blake is scheduled for his MRI. He's going to be sedated, and that's the bit that tugs at my mommy heart the most. To think of him being drowsy in the big machine without me. This purpose of the MRI is just to rule out brain abnormalities that could be resulting … Continue reading MRI

Amway Center to the Rescue!

Sometimes I don't know what to call it or what to blame when Blake struggles with certain social situations, or events.  Sensory Processing Disorder? Asperger's?  Life with kids? Typical 4 year old? I struggle with this, because I want it all to fit into perfect little categories. I want to be able to say that this behavior … Continue reading Amway Center to the Rescue!

More than a Label

I unsteadily walked up the stairs holding the stick in my left hand. I stopped midway to the top, where I could barely see your dad sitting at his desk typing away at the computer. I peaked at him through the stairwell railings to be sure I could catch a good glimpse. I couldn't make … Continue reading More than a Label