Saving Money with Honey

I love to save money when I can, whether it's through phone apps or using coupons. These days, in-store coupons that don't include an app have taken a back burner just because I don't have the time to devote to it like I once did. If you're anything like me, each time I shop online I … Continue reading Saving Money with Honey


Money Savings through Apps

You can read THIS blog entry to read about  ways to save money without clipping coupons.  Great place to start. This entry is an extension of those money savings tips that I wrote a year ago, only, this time, it's using ALL apps! No clipping. No store credit card, just you and your smartphone EARNING … Continue reading Money Savings through Apps

Saving In A Pinch Without Clipping!

I've had many people tell me that saving money can be too  time consuming. The desire is there, but the time just isn't. Between finding good deals, tirelessly flipping through the newspaper searching for coupons, then not to mention clipping them and organizing them, it can take HOURS. For many of us we just aren't … Continue reading Saving In A Pinch Without Clipping!