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How are you doing during “national homeschooling”? Times are rough, and it’s become cliche’, but seriously, we’re all in this together! We have to embrace that saying and help one another out. 

This homeschooling-thing while simultaneously working-from -home-thing is HARD. I get it! I never thought I’d be someone who found myself homeschooling. I’ve always said I would DIE having to do it because I truly enjoy teaching (and being around my own kid all day while helping him to learn just seemed exhausting), but the teacher in me is in full force-home mode, and I’ve loved making and creating things for Blake, though I’ve had to do it in between all the digital learning tools for my students. I feel like I’m in a good spot for it, so I love helping and sharing with other people. 

Honestly, I’m having a blast! 

Making It Work

I know a lot of people are creating strict schedules. If that works for you and your kids, awesome! Keep on keepin’ on! While I’m a big scheduler and planner, I knew I needed something more fluid that wasn’t going to stress me out if we didn’t stay on schedule.  To help, I created a simple checklist for us, rather, that outlines what we have to do each day. This has worked well for us because I let B choose which order we do things and he knows as long as we do it all it can be done at any time. This choice factor is something I use a lot with my Gifted students in the classroom, and it’s transferred over quite well to our homeschooling venture. 

This Reading BINGO has also worked well for us, again, bringing in that choice factor. He’s way more interested in Math and Science, so reading isn’t usually a go-to for him, and it can be often difficult to get him to read outside of our nightly bedtime routine reading time.

I actually created this Reading on Location BINGO Board for my students back in 2014, in lieu of reading logs, and it occurred to me the other day that I can tweak it for my own child! I told him when he earns a BINGO then he can have an hour of video games (He plays a “Cars” racing game). Since we don’t do a lot of screen time this was a HUGE deal for him. I didn’t put any “due date” on it. He can do it as often as he’d like until he makes his BINGO. We started it yesterday and he’s already made the BINGO! That’s an hour and 40 minutes of reading we’ve done in just TWO days! He’s already used up his hour of video games, so tomorrow we start over!

Here’s a picture of our daily checklist and Reading BINGO


Here’s my little guy reading in some of the locations yesterday!

I’ll continue to post resources and ideas as they come along. If you don’t follow me on Instagram be sure to do so! I’ll be posting our learning area tonight and some of the different resources we are using during this time!

Instagram handle: @mommisadventures 

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 3.32.06 PMDownload the BINGO Board in PDF here!

Be sure to check out my other blog entry for resources! 

I hope this finds everyone doing okay.  If you have any questions or ideas I’d love to hear them.

Be well!



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