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Recently I purchased the Sensory Scout Blanket for Blake after I kept seeing ads for it on my social media newsfeed. It caught my interest because I’ve been meaning to upgrade his current weighted blanket to another; he’s grown so much that his feet stick out of the bottom!

He still uses a weighted blanket each night and he loves it. His favorite thing to do is place a majority of the weight of it (10lbs) on top of his head. With his history of headbanging, I think he likes the sensation of something being on top of his head to sleep. He still wakes up from time to time with fresh marks and scabs on his head where he’s been banging it overnight, but since the weighted blanket, it hasn’t been as bad as it used to.  He also tends to get hot under the weighted blanket, yet refuses to take it off of him. (He’s so much like me. No matter how hot I am I always need a blanket over me!)

The sensory blanket intrigued me just when I was in the market for the weighted blanket! I rather liked the idea of having a similar product that essentially served the same purpose, but in a different way. In contrast to the weighted blanket, the sensory scout one is lightweight and intended to be a compression blanket. Blake gravitates toward wearing clothing that is tight-fitting and made of the polyester/spandex material. The blanket is made of spandex and polyester, creating a material that is breathable, lightweight, and will “hug” the child when they’re sleeping.

It wraps around the entire mattress, so you have to slip it on like a sock. It’s easy to place on, but it can be tricky if you have bunk beds like us. We had to take the mattress off the top bunk completely, slip it on, then put it back. Not too big of a deal, just not as easy as throwing a blanket on a bed.  The bottom and top of the blanket are open so that there’s airflow, and someone can stick their feet out at the end if desired.  To get into the blanket you simply crawl into it from the top, or, as the videos show on the website, you can crawl from the bottom right up to the top, which adds a fun component for kids.

The real review comes from Blake and how he feels about it. The moment he crawled in he beamed and said he LOVED it. It’s been over a week since we first put it on and he’s crawled right into it every night without question. He said it feels like it’s hugging him, and for a sensory seeking kid, that is exactly what I was hoping for! He hasn’t mentioned or missed the weighted blanket at all! I thought he would since he likes weight on his head, but he just crawls underneath the sensory scout blanket and pokes his nose out to breathe comfortably. It’s so cute!

Weighted Blanket vs Sensory Scout Blanket

If you’re trying to decide which to purchase, a weighted blanket or the Sensory Scout compression one, it’s all about what you’re going for, though I think they equally serve the same purpose. We used the weighted blanket for 2 years and it was a Godsend, but now I’m very happy with this transition we’ve made.

Weighted Blanket Pros

  • The weight was perfect and much needed
  • You can have it custom-designed to your child’s interest. (We had trucks on B’s)
  • Easy to wash. Just throw in the machine!

Weighted Blanket Cons

  • Hot and heavy
  • For travel purposes, it’s bulky and heavy (Yes, we always traveled with ours.) It’s easy to pick up and carry, but of course, it will add weight if you’re flying!
  • Pricey! I did make B a DIY weighted blanket myself (so much cheaper), but once I found out much he loved it then I just purchased one. Plus, the other one got lost. Long story. Anyway, the blanket I purchased cost about $120. (Cost varies depending on size and weight)

Sensory Scout Blanket Pros

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • About half the price of a weighted blanket and they’re always running sales! (Like right now!)
  • Easy to wash
  • Soft material that my sensory seeking child ADORES.
  • Tight-fitting like a “hug”, think of a compression shirt.

Sensory Scout Blanket Cons

  • It only comes in one color, which may cramp your room design style.(You can always throw a comforter on it.)
  • A little more work to put on, but not bad!
  • Not exactly travel-friendly depending on the type of beds you are using when traveling

I do not regret this purchase one bit and wish I’d bought it sooner. I hesitated to purchase because I was trying to find someone I knew who could give me their thoughts. No one had heard of it, so I decided to just try it and I’m very happy I did!

This particular review is for my son, but I know adults could use it, too!

Have you heard of the Sensory Scout Blanket? Do you think it’s something your child might enjoy?


14 thoughts on “Review: Sensory Scout Blanket

  1. I recently ordered the blanket for my granddaughter. It is challenging to get on the bed!! But it is helping her get a much more restful nights sleep. I am very happy with the product!

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    1. It certainly isn’t as quick to put on a bed as a fitted sheet, that’s for sure!
      But it’s so worth it!
      I’m glad she’s able to sleep better! That’s WONDERFUL!


  2. we purchased this for our grandson who has trouble sleeping at night. he was excited to try it the first night and glad to say he loves it. This will hopefully help him so he will not have to take melatonin every night. Thank you!! He loves it.

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  3. My son that’s 9 years old sensory processing disorder and autism he just loves his new blanket it’s wonderful thank you!


  4. It has occurred to me, while reading your review, that your child would really like a cozy cocoon from sensory scout. Especially for traveling because it’s a smaller version of the compression blanket. My kids call them their super suits. He could pull the whole thing over his head and breathe out the hole. I thought I would pass the thought along. 😊


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