I am home sick from work today.  Blake generously gifted me with a stomach bug that he had. I’ve been sleeping most of the day, but after 5 hours of that I’m getting antsy and decided to write a blog entry for a product review.

Now that Blake is so mobile, he is, of course, in to everything! Since he’s such an avid “reader”, the book shelf in his room is completely full.  So I moved some of his favorite books to the nightstand next to the glider. I was using regular book ends that were heavy and weighted.  One day he decided the bookends looked shiny and pretty, so he pulled them down.  Though they didn’t land on his foot, I had a vision of that happening and the thought made me nervous. Thus, began my online search for a different kind of bookend.  I had no idea what I was looking for, just knew I wanted something less damaging to his little anatomy, and more kid-friendly.

I began my search on Amazon, without success.  Then I decided to try Etsy and came across many people who make bean bag bookends!  What a genius idea! I wish I thought of easy stuff like this…but I don’t sew. At least other people do and I can benefit.

They are filled with dry beans, and are heavy enough to hold the books with no problems, but not heavy enough to hurt a little one. Shortly after I put them on the nightstand Blake discovered them and pulled them down. They DID land on his foot this time, but the experience was completely ouch-less. 😉

You can use this link on Etsy to peruse the many that they have!

I am so pleased with these! I recommend them to any one who has babies or curious toddlers.  Without it ever having happened, I just know these saved us some tears. Tears from Blake AND mommy.


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