Post MRI & EEG

As an update to Blake's MRI, he later had a 24 EEG at the hospital. He did so well hooked up to machines and bandages on his head that were recording all of his brain activity! He walked around with a smiley face backpack with wires stuck in them while playing legos and bouncing a… Continue reading Post MRI & EEG


Upcycled Candle Lid Ornaments

I really dislike to see things go to waste that have such wonderful possibilities. I can't stand clutter and I'm the first to throw things away when they don't get used, but because I enjoy crafting so much (when I have the time), I always have ideas floating around in my head of ways to… Continue reading Upcycled Candle Lid Ornaments


Birthday Music Countdown: A Top 16

I love music, and I'm so lucky that I seem to be able to also share this love with Blake.  As much as I love music, I'm not exactly versed in what's current, but I know what I like and when something current catches my ear I will gladly give it a listen. I don't… Continue reading Birthday Music Countdown: A Top 16

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Meet the Teacher “Icebreaker”

I dislike buying "Hallmark" cards. I'd much prefer to write a personalized message from my stash of blank notecards. Not only is it less expensive, it's just more personal. My extreme indecisiveness also is a factor here, because I spend 20 minutes in a sea of cards at the store trying to find the perfect… Continue reading Meet the Teacher “Icebreaker”


Stitch Fix

It's Christmas in July! For this Fix I asked my stylist for some dresses for the upcoming schoolyear, specifically something that was Kate Middleton-esque (LOVE HER!). She's learned by now not to send me pants unless I specifically ask for them. (Funny fact, there was a rumor going around at my work for a while… Continue reading Stitch Fix


DIY vs Store Bought Grout Cleaner

When we moved into our house 3 years ago it slowly started to become clear that the grout in our tile was never sealed. It's been bothering me recently as we've started slowly doing various projects around the house. Our 2,000 square foot home is entirely covered in tile, which I don't quite care for,… Continue reading DIY vs Store Bought Grout Cleaner


Eye Opening Encounter at Chipotle: Gossiping

This is really on my heart to share, so I hope it sparks at least just one conversation or makes someone think twice before speaking. Today Blake and I went to eat lunch at Chipotle. It's nice to see families and teenagers out enjoying their time together, but something bothered me. We sat outside at a… Continue reading Eye Opening Encounter at Chipotle: Gossiping



I spend a lot of time researching ways to help Blake. And honestly as a teacher, especially teaching Gifted, the whole topic of it all just fascinates me, even taking Blake out of the equation. I've come across a blog that I've found really helpful because it's like all-in-one shopping when it comes to topics… Continue reading SPD-Proprioceptive



Tomorrow morning, at 6am, Blake is scheduled for his MRI. He's going to be sedated, and that's the bit that tugs at my mommy heart the most. To think of him being drowsy in the big machine without me. This purpose of the MRI is just to rule out brain abnormalities that could be resulting… Continue reading MRI


Amway Center to the Rescue!

Sometimes I don't know what to call it or what to blame when Blake struggles with certain social situations, or events.  Sensory Processing Disorder? Asperger's?  Life with kids? Typical 4 year old? I struggle with this, because I want it all to fit into perfect little categories. I want to be able to say that this behavior… Continue reading Amway Center to the Rescue!