Daily Dose of Jesus During Social Distancing

  I know the world seems upside down right now; and it is. ¬†Despite all the crazy going on, I think we can agree that we need a little less chaos, more Godly direction and a lot more Jesus! I've tried to find moments of positivity in it all, and I've found the closings a … Continue reading Daily Dose of Jesus During Social Distancing

Websites for Kids

I have a 6-year-old little boy who loves to learn (particularly when it comes to Math and Science) and is always asking questions. As a teacher, learning readiness is important to me. However, I also feel strongly that our kids need to be kids, and that our society needs to pump the breaks in forcing … Continue reading Websites for Kids

Christmas Car Coloring Pages

If you have a car lover of a kid like me, and are looking for something to do with them to keep them engaged for the holiday, I found a few car coloring pages that are holiday themed. B is very excited about the arrival of Christmas (tomorrow) and is wanting a play by play … Continue reading Christmas Car Coloring Pages

Merry Christmas, Delivery Drivers

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is spreading holiday cheer to those who find themselves in stressful situations, particularly those who serve the populations of people this time of year in retail, food service, and delivery drivers! I don't know about you guys, but delivery drivers inevitably find their way to our home during … Continue reading Merry Christmas, Delivery Drivers

The Birthday Party

This past weekend we experienced what will go down in our family history as "THE Birthday party". The first class party B was invited to. Maybe daddy and Blake won't have such a remembrance of it as I will, because, moms tend to remember this stuff more than everyone else, but it sure will be … Continue reading The Birthday Party

Give Them A Break

  Sometimes our kids need a break from their schedule.¬† B is involved in Tae Kwon Do and baseball, plus he has therapies and counseling throughout the week. This makes our days after school quite busy, often resulting in us not getting home until 7:30 each night.¬† Some people have told me he's too busy … Continue reading Give Them A Break

Cult of Personality: Discover Who You Are & Make a Difference

Is it just me or are personality tests becoming a popular read on social media newsfeeds? I often share my personality discoveries on social media, as do many others. I love finding others who are similar to me. Maybe it makes me feel less crazy. Less manic. More normal. I'm a personality test addict. You … Continue reading Cult of Personality: Discover Who You Are & Make a Difference

Tell Me More

"I need to talk to you about your son", she said last night, after she'd pulled me across the parking lot at the bowling alley, eager to speak with me. Her son and Blake are in the same class this year. These conversations never go well. I watched her with intent eyes, studying her demeanor … Continue reading Tell Me More

Here We Come Kindergarten: My Hopefully Helpful Informational Sheet

In just two weeks my baby boy will begin Kindergarten! I can hardly believe this day is here! It seems like just yesterday he was babbling away on the changing table. I've purchased his backpack, lunchbox, school supplies, and school uniforms. So now we excitedly wait for the first day of school. He seems to … Continue reading Here We Come Kindergarten: My Hopefully Helpful Informational Sheet

Cleaning: A Photo Checklist

I'm always trying out different tools to help Blake be a little more successful, and tips and tricks that will make our lives run a little smoother, without compromising important values we hold. By "values" I mean not allowing crutches or excuses to be used for behaviors. Blake has a hard time following multi-step directions, … Continue reading Cleaning: A Photo Checklist