Office Must Haves: For a relaxing and productive working experience

I have the pleasure of working from home these days. When the pandemic first hit, teaching from home became the new norm for me. I enjoyed it so much that I permanently applied for a virtual teaching position, and now I'm teaching solely from home. And I love it! As an INFJ (personality type), the … Continue reading Office Must Haves: For a relaxing and productive working experience

Crock Pot Recipe: Easy Beef & Broccoli

Now that I'm working from home these days I have time to do things like prepare for dinner during my lunch break! I'm not exactly a great cook, but now that I'm home I figured I should really start figuring this whole thing out, 15 years into my marriage. There's no excuse for us to … Continue reading Crock Pot Recipe: Easy Beef & Broccoli

Social Emotional Curriculum-NOW AVAILABLE!

It's been almost 2 years since I started my own company, Klässen Cookies. It's all been a learning curve. I've grown, gained more confidence in myself, taught myself some of the ins and outs of business, learned some legal lingo, and retaught myself HTML. I've cried, wondered what in the world I thought I was … Continue reading Social Emotional Curriculum-NOW AVAILABLE!

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

  We are living in virtual times during this pandemic. I spent a lot of time at my computer for work before the pandemic, but now it's the entire school day since I'm teaching entirely online. Many of us are sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day, including children. As a teacher, I … Continue reading Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Beginning of the Year Child Informational Sheet: For parents to give to teachers

BOY Child Info-10 Last year at Meet the Teacher, I presented Blake's teacher with an informational sheet about him. A part of me was nervous, giving her a whole sheet of paper about my child because I didn't want her to think I was "THAT" parent (as a teacher I know what THAT parent looks … Continue reading Beginning of the Year Child Informational Sheet: For parents to give to teachers

Easy No Cook Playdough

We have a fun time at our house making our own things rather than purchasing them. Why buy playdough if you can make it with ingredients already in your cupboard? Many no-cook playdough recipes call for cream of tarter. I don't know about you, but I don't have cream of tarter sitting around at my … Continue reading Easy No Cook Playdough

Skymags Magnetic Tiles

I know magnetic tiles have been all the rage for many young kids.  I never purchased any for B because he's always been so into Legos that I never gave them a second thought.  Also, every time I'd look into purchasing them I was a little bit in sticker shock! We were playing at a … Continue reading Skymags Magnetic Tiles

Grow Your Own Crystals

  B loves "treasure" and "jewels" AND Science, so I thought it might be fun to combine them all into one fun at-home project.  Growing our own crystals! This was so fun and easy to do, even I was having fun with it! We made different shapes with our crystals, including a "B", spiral, and … Continue reading Grow Your Own Crystals

An Update

Recently B visited his developmental pediatrician for his annual checkup with Dr. F. You see, it's been about 2 years since we received B's official diagnosis. Looking back on that initial post I can see how far we have come. Dr. F. initially recommended ABA Therapy. We tried that for a bit but it wasn't for us. … Continue reading An Update

Easy Homemade Snow

  B has been asking if we can take a vacation where it snows. It's summer, so that makes it a little difficult, but there's also COVID-19 which puts a large damper on traveling, making it much less desirable. I can't exactly bring him to any place where it snows, BUT, I can bring snow … Continue reading Easy Homemade Snow