Barn Cats

If you own any piece of land and plan on using it for any sort of farming and animal raising, you....need... barn cats. I say this from first hand experience. As we expand our hobby farm, I am learning so much about what it takes to keep things moving along smoothly, especially how to do … Continue reading Barn Cats


Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

Making salt dough ornaments is such a fun Christmas tradition! They're easy, inexpensive, make the house smell great, and they make cute gifts! We started making them 4 years ago and they hold up perfectly, even sitting in our hot attic outside of Christmastime! If you're looking for an activity to do with your kids … Continue reading Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

Adoption Update 6/21/21

    "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer"-Romans 12:12 Wow, Life is crazy, you guys.  Five years ago Michael responded to a call where he was running on foot and was hit by a car while on duty at work. That same month I found out I can't have any more kids … Continue reading Adoption Update 6/21/21

For the First Time

For the first time today I told Blake in the car, "You are so difficult, sometimes." These are usually things and thoughts I reserve for myself, or conversations that Michael and I have privately. They are never things that I say to Blake. Around him I try to be as patient as I can. Understanding. … Continue reading For the First Time

Adoption is for HIM

Stepping into adoption is ministry. It's discipleship. It's not a rescue mission to bring someone out of the circumstances they are in. It's not about my family being the hero and pulling our son out of their situation in Haiti. It's a story. A story of redemption. And it begins with Jesus. Jesus came to … Continue reading Adoption is for HIM

A Plea to Teachers: from a special needs mom

This week I am advocating for my boy. Take note, world. Take note, teachers. This might be the face of autism for one that you know. We ended up switching B's teacher recently. Additionally, we've increased his counseling and OT services. A lot is going on with my little guy. Teachers, I know these times … Continue reading A Plea to Teachers: from a special needs mom

Fundraising for Adoption

We've sold 130 puzzle pieces as of now for our adoption fundraiser. You're all amazing and beautiful, and my heart is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. .via Paypal- Via Venmo-@Brittney-Mason-8 We owe $11,000 in just a few months and, to be honest, we aren't sure where that money is going to come from. We … Continue reading Fundraising for Adoption

So Far

"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it." I saw this quote recently, and it immediately resonated with me. Before we even got to where we are now with an adoption, adoption was just a fleeting thought that would creep into my mind that I would dismiss. Our life is good now. … Continue reading So Far

Adoption: A family growing through prayer

I went off social media a few weeks ago.  The time away has been exactly what I needed.  While I didn’t miss it one bit, I’m back on because, well, social media can be used for more than just politics and arguing, and my brain needed a reset from all of that.  I needed the … Continue reading Adoption: A family growing through prayer