Sleep Training a Toddler

After the hurdle of sleep training an infant, I just kind of assumed we were done. Forever. We started sleep training Blake at 4 months old and ever since then he's slept through the night with no regression.  Celebrating this success, I think Michael and I both thought that was it. We were done and the … Continue reading Sleep Training a Toddler


Sleep Training Continued

I'm happy to report that the sleep training is going well. This makes me very excited, and has allowed me to celebrate one success of parenting.  There are so many times that I feel like such a bad mom, so I'm very thankful when I have a clear answer that I'm doing something right, or … Continue reading Sleep Training Continued

Go Team Mason!

Go Team Mason!  This is something my husband and I say to one another when something awesome happens that we've both worked toward.  Like running a race, painting the house, big saving shopping trip, etc.  We yell "Go Team Mason" then give a big high-five. We are really cheesy like that, yes. Tonight we celebrated … Continue reading Go Team Mason!