It was Friday the 13th

I'm not a superstitious person.  Friday the 13th has always been just another day for me. It's one of the 4 to 5 Fridays in a month that just happens to fall on a number that comes after 12. There have been 55 Friday the 13th's since the year I was born, 1984. The first 54 … Continue reading It was Friday the 13th


The Case for One: Love

"When are you going to have another one?"  Moms, how many times have you been asked that question? Better, how many times have you asked someone else that question? People began to ask us that when Blake was just a few weeks old, where they (I assume) thought it would be a humorous question to pose, when … Continue reading The Case for One: Love

The Truth About Marriage When You’re A Parent

I think there's one common thing that goes through a new moms head "Are we the only couple who are struggling?" Since I became a mom I haven't been shy about asking other moms questions about being a married couple after having children.  Some, I feel, have been hesitant to share with me, (which is … Continue reading The Truth About Marriage When You’re A Parent