The Pressure Is On

"Self pressure is a mental expectation you have for yourself in the moment." Saw this quote in another blog recently (I've forgotten which) and it has stuck with me. I put a lot of pressure on myself in life. Which brings me stress, which breeds anxiety. Making me, at times, neurotic and crazy. Oh, my … Continue reading The Pressure Is On


The Case for One: Love

"When are you going to have another one?"  Moms, how many times have you been asked that question? Better, how many times have you asked someone else that question? People began to ask us that when Blake was just a few weeks old, where they (I assume) thought it would be a humorous question to pose, when … Continue reading The Case for One: Love

Little Superman: Crib Climber

Well, the title and picture speak for themselves.  This picture was taken as Blake was playing in his Pack 'N Play though this is not where the "crib climbing" actually happened.  This picture was just evidence to show my husband after the "incident."I laid Blake down for his 1:00 nap.  Let it be known that … Continue reading Little Superman: Crib Climber