Looking Back. Looking Ahead.

In four weeks my "baby" will be 1 year old.  This last year seems like such a blur, for various reasons.  That thing called "life" happened, I blinked, and here I am. Now, 10 months ago time was crawling, my exhaustion had gotten the best of me, the 5-6 hours of screaming drove Michael and … Continue reading Looking Back. Looking Ahead.

Little Superman: Crib Climber

Well, the title and picture speak for themselves.  This picture was taken as Blake was playing in his Pack 'N Play though this is not where the "crib climbing" actually happened.  This picture was just evidence to show my husband after the "incident."I laid Blake down for his 1:00 nap.  Let it be known that … Continue reading Little Superman: Crib Climber

You’re Gonna Wish These Days Hadn’t Gone by so Sast

Last night at 10:30 I walked upstairs, pulled my son out of his crib and cuddled him while rocking.  I risked waking him up but I honestly didn't care. He slept in my arms, with his arms wrapped around my neck.  His head was sweetly nestled on my shoulder.  I rocked him, and I cried. … Continue reading You’re Gonna Wish These Days Hadn’t Gone by so Sast