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Real Life Outside of Social Media

Do you let other people’s “reality” trick you into thinking that your life isn’t good enough or that you aren’t a great parent? I use the term “reality” in quotation marks because in social media terms, I feel as if we view family photos as reality. That we completely buy into the fact that the… Continue reading Real Life Outside of Social Media

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Ikea Toddler Wagon/Walker (Product Review)

With Blake being so mobile now, but not quite walking on his own just yet, I've wanted to purchase a walker of some sort.  There's one at his daycare that keeps his attention a majority of the day, however, it isn't one that I'd want to purchase for our home.  It has all the lights,… Continue reading Ikea Toddler Wagon/Walker (Product Review)

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Blake Led Weaning?

Yeah, sure, I'll give this Baby Led Weaning thing a shot. I just give him whole foods and let him have a go, right? Parenting fail. Cheese sandwich. Face smash. Something just doesn't seem or look right here. WHATEVER. *hashtag*idontknowwhatimdoing (Disclaimer: I do follow BLW blogs and instagrams and I have been reading up on… Continue reading Blake Led Weaning?

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Looking Back. Looking Ahead.

In four weeks my "baby" will be 1 year old.  This last year seems like such a blur, for various reasons.  That thing called "life" happened, I blinked, and here I am. Now, 10 months ago time was crawling, my exhaustion had gotten the best of me, the 5-6 hours of screaming drove Michael and… Continue reading Looking Back. Looking Ahead.