Daily Summer Checklist with Choice Board Activities

Summertime is a time for fun, vacations, playdates, sun, and lots of activities outdoors. Our current pandemic has made summer look a little different this year, however, which means, not as many outgoing activities are happening for kids all over the world! Usually B and I spend our summers with friends at the playground, Disney, … Continue reading Daily Summer Checklist with Choice Board Activities

Shaving Cream Fun: A sensory sensitive activity

If there's one thing my little guy dislikes, it's being dirty and feeling gooey things in his hands.  We've tried to make slime, and while he loved the process of making it, he hated the feeling of it. and refused to touch it. I've tried several times. He also hates walking in grass with bare … Continue reading Shaving Cream Fun: A sensory sensitive activity

Homemade Butter in a Jar

  B and I made butter in a jar today! I've planned at least one science related experiment to do each day over the summer and today was great because we learned about changes in matter, specifically, physical changes: liquids to solids. AND it required physical activity! (Lots of shaking!) This was a fun activity … Continue reading Homemade Butter in a Jar

Museum Virtual Tours for National Museum Day

If you're stuck at home during COVID-19 and want something to do, check out all of the free amazing museum virtual tours. And today is the perfect day to do so because, today, May 18th is NATIONAL MUSEUM DAY!  You can tour many online museums using these links! Click on an exhibit area in each of … Continue reading Museum Virtual Tours for National Museum Day

Cloud In A Jar

Blake loves science experiments, so I am always on the hunt for a good one.  We happened to have everything we needed to make our own cloud in a jar, so I went for it! It was a neat and hands on way for me to talk about the water cycle with him, and was … Continue reading Cloud In A Jar

Tape Resist Watercolor Cross

  Easter is almost upon us, and while the story is of Jesus and his resurrection, we still do an egg hunt every year with friends. This year I'll be hiding eggs for B to find alone.  It just won't be the same but we will make the most of it during these times of … Continue reading Tape Resist Watercolor Cross

Our Kids Deserve Better

I believe this with every part of me! We can put learning on hold. No, we SHOULD put learning on hold. Or at least pump the brakes. Our kids will survive, and they will be successful in life, BUT ONLY if we help them to navigate what they're experiencing right now. Five years from now … Continue reading Our Kids Deserve Better

BINGO Board: Reading on Location

How are you doing during "national homeschooling"? Times are rough, and it's become cliche', but seriously, we're all in this together! We have to embrace that saying and help one another out.  This homeschooling-thing while simultaneously working-from -home-thing is HARD. I get it! I never thought I'd be someone who found myself homeschooling. I've always said … Continue reading BINGO Board: Reading on Location

Social Distance Learning: Resources for Parents from a Teacher

  My favorite thing about being a teacher is creating resources for my students! But, I also, admittedly, love creating resources to use at home with B. I know things are a little crazy right now, so I have a 20% off sale going on for my entire Teachers Pay Teachers store. IT ENDS ON … Continue reading Social Distance Learning: Resources for Parents from a Teacher