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Easter is almost upon us, and while the story is of Jesus and his resurrection, we still do an egg hunt every year with friends. This year I’ll be hiding eggs for B to find alone.  It just won’t be the same but we will make the most of it during these times of social distancing.

I wanted to do a craft today that was symbolic of the cross as we enter into the Easter weekend, so I decided on a watercolor tape resist cross.  I had some canvases laying around from a bulk craft purchase I made just before the quarantines started happening.  I knew it would all come in handy as we looked for creative ways to occupy our time.

If you don’t have a canvas around, paper would work just as well.


  • Canvas or paper
  • paint brush
  • Tape (whatever you have; but it needs to easily come off paper if that’s what you’re using)
  • Watercolor
  • Cup with water


First we taped a cross shape on the canvas.









IMG_0215 Then we started painting around it!








B is kind of a perfectionist at things.  He became frustrated when the colors didn’t run together as he wanted, and we had to take a time out and breather. I used it as an opportunity to tell him that no one is perfect, except Jesus! And he doesn’t expect us to be perfect at all. We also talked about how the great thing about painting (and art) is that mistakes can be covered up and made into something new; or you can just go with the flow!  After a few minutes he was back at it and smiling again.



Once the paint dried we peeled off the tape.  Some of the paint still seeped underneath the tape a bit, especially on B’s because he, eager to see what it would look like, peeled it off too soon and it ran under.  Another learning moment though, the story of the cross and what came of it the next day was beautiful, but on that cross Jesus endured pain and blood seeped out of him. The cross wasn’t stainless, just like in our painting. It was stained with the blood of Jesus. (B’s is even stained red!) The paint on the cross reminded us of his sacrifice.

It was a fun quick craft that we were able to do together, and I’m glad that we were able to have some of the conversations we did as we were doing it!

I pray that you and your family are able to enjoy one another this Easter, remember the story of our Savior who resurrected to show us all that He is the Light in our world, even when it seems dark.


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