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About Me

We are a family of 3 living in a small town in Florida. I am unable to have any more children, so Blake completes our little family perfectly. 🙂

We’ve been through a lot with our little guy, who is now 7 years old, GERD, colic, food allergies, sleep issues, and an ASD diagnosis.

My husband is a police officer and I have the BEST job, teaching 3rd grade!

This parenting thing isn’t easy, and every parent should be able to accept that and admit it without feeling like less of a parent. In a world full of people who constantly compare their lives to what they see on social media, I strive to help people understand that things aren’t always as rosy as the pictures portrayed on your newsfeed. Every day brings new (mis)adventures! I started this blog because I was totally lost on this whole parenting thing in the beginning.  Who am I kidding? I’m still lost! One day at a time, right?

I blog about my mommy successes and failures, saving money, ideas, product reviews, milestones, recipes and things I hope will be beneficial and helpful to other parents. None of the “advice” I give is from an expert. It’s just from me playing the game of life every day and figuring this whole thing out.  Publicly!

My hope is that I can help any other parent who may face a challenge, or need some encouragement, a laugh, idea, or who just wants to peruse mom blogs for fun!

Some random facts about me!

  • I’m obsessed with personality tests!  (I’m an INFJ. Enneagram 2. Hufflepuff. Melancholic)
  • Coffee. And wine!
  • Vacuuming is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable household chores for me.
  • We have 1 dog, Ren.  He’s an Aussie Doodle.
  • I’m obsessed with anything space and time travel related.
  • I habitually twirl my hair.
  • My favorite bible verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always!
Pray constantly.
Give thanks in everything,
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

  • I’m afraid of frogs. Like, heart attack afraid. I’m fearful Blake will learn this about me and think it’s funny one day and prank me.
  • I love to organize!

Praying this day finds you all well, blessed, and able to look for the sunshine!

Thanks for stopping by!



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