Adoption is for HIM

Stepping into adoption is ministry. It’s discipleship. It’s not a rescue mission to bring someone out of the circumstances they are in. It’s not about my family being the hero and pulling our son out of their situation in Haiti. It’s a story.

A story of redemption.

And it begins with Jesus.

Jesus came to earth, lived among us, poured out his blood for us, and then adopted US into HIS family. For eternity. We are his, and he is ours.

This act of obedience, stepping into adoption, is the continuation of Jesus’ story, not our family’s story. It’s a story of trust, faith, brokenness, and beauty. It’s beautiful because it’s what God calls us to do. There’s beauty in Jesus. There’s beauty in following him.

While this journey won’t be easy, may His name be glorified not because Michael and I want the credit for “saving” a child, no, no–Jesus did that–but because we are stepping into faith, trusting in God’s plan. Because HE rescued us, before the foundation of the world, we are therefore able to be a part of this story that HE is writing for us.

There are so many unknowns, and we are taking it day by day. Where will the adoption funds come from? What will all of this look like? God knows.

Michael and Brittney are not the authors of this adoption. We are merely the readers. Turning the pages in anticipation of what God has already written for us.


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