Fundraising for Adoption

We’ve sold 130 puzzle pieces as of now for our adoption fundraiser.

You’re all amazing and beautiful, and my heart is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

.via Paypal-

Via Venmo-@Brittney-Mason-8

We owe $11,000 in just a few months and, to be honest, we aren’t sure where that money is going to come from. We need about $8,000 more. But we are trusting in God’s plan.

Other ways you can help us?

  • SHARE this fundraiser!
  • Read my blog updates and share them (I do make money off of my blog so every time you make a purchase from one of my Amazon links, or even just read my blog, I get money-which I am putting toward the adoption.)
  • Buy (and share) my social emotional curriculum, Klassen Cookies. All money I make from it is going toward the adoption.
  • Purchase anything off my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
  • Pray for us using these adoption prayer cards I made:

Trust me, asking for money is NOT comfortable. I despise it. But, I am asking with the ending in mind. Bringing our son home.


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