Adoption Prayer Cards

I know we have a long road ahead of us for this adoption, and the journey isn’t going to be easy. In big life moments you need to rely on a community of people.

As we near the Thanksgiving season, there is so much I am thankful for. My husband, Blake, and our new puppy Ren (even though he pees and poops all over the house. Potty training a dog is definitely NOT an easy task!). I’m grateful for my church family and all the people God has placed in our lives to help us and stand beside us as we take this new adventure on.

I also know we have a wonderful support system,, many of whom have asked how they can help us. Besides being a contributor to our puzzle piece, we would also cherish your prayers.

I have created prayer cards. They are the size of business cards, so they will not take up too much space or use too much ink.

I would be so grateful if you could print one out and pray for the things on the card.

I hate to ask a lot, but I believe and stand firm in the power of prayer. I know already this was all orchestrated by God, and I cannot wait to share my thoughts on how this all came to be and the journey and story I believe God has been writing for us to lead us exactly down this path.

Please join me in prayer for our family, and our new son to be.

If you click the image itself it will download a small version of the file, the ‘download’ button will take you to a large PDF file. Choose which works best for you. 🙂

I would like to temporarily add one prayer request to this card….we haven’t yet told Blake this news. We are going to tell him tomorrow. Please pray that he receives it well, and this is heart will be open and excited about this. It’s going to be such a huge change for my little guy who has difficulty with change. He will continue to see his counselor, and I believe this will be of huge help as we journey on.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.


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