Office Must Haves: For a relaxing and productive working experience

I have the pleasure of working from home these days. When the pandemic first hit, teaching from home became the new norm for me. I enjoyed it so much that I permanently applied for a virtual teaching position, and now I’m teaching solely from home. And I love it!

As an INFJ (personality type), the environment is an important motivator and stress reliever. Creating a relaxing place truly helps my mood and productivity at work.

In order to create a workspace that works for you, ask yourself, “What matters for me in a workspace?”

I can answer this for you in two words. YOU MATTER. So, create a space that screams YOU. That is, everything YOU need to be happy, successful, motivated, and productive at work.

To fulfill my “you matter” mantra in my workspace, I came up with some adjectives that would work to help me accomplish my mission to be happy, successful, motivated, and productive during my workday.

Adjectives on my workspace list: flexible, functional & organized, pretty & cozy, and fragrant. 

I’ve taken all my favorite products and organized them here in hopes they’ll help someone else. (These could also work just as well for anyone who has an office space away from home!) These days so many of us are working from home, and I highly recommend creating an area that is perfectly designed for your needs, likes, and motivators.

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When I think of the word “flexible” in this context, I’m really meaning the ability to be mobile. This can be a problem if you’re sitting at a desk all day. I need the flexibility to move! If you know me, then you know I’m a big fidgeter! I find it difficult to sit or stand still. I’m often asked if I’m nervous when I’m talking to people because I’m always shaking my leg, whether I’m standing or sitting. If I’m not doing that, then you can find me twirling my hair. These days I’m not working in an actual classroom, walking around checking on students; instead, I’m sitting at my desk teaching. I needed to find a way to get the wiggles out! I’ve always had a heart for my students in this capacity, and it’s why for years, my classroom had yoga balls as desk seats rather than chairs. It helped my students to stay focused and alert! These products have helped me immensely as I sit at my desk all day.

The following two products serve a dual purpose, which I love! They help with fidgeting, and they’re a foot massager! I know it seems so silly, but this has been a GAME CHANGER! I have flat feet, and I wear nothing except flip flops all the time (Oh, the Florida life). I wish I’d used one of these long ago because I didn’t know exactly how sore my feet were until I started using these, and they hit all the right spots!

Theraflow Foot Massager Roller

This roller is a great tool to have because not only does it massage but it also provides great movement and sensory input! It fits perfectly under a desk.

Acupoint Physical Massage Therapy Ball

I keep the massage ball under my desk, too, and use it throughout the day, and sometimes even roll it back and forth to give me something to do with my feet. This ball can also be used on other aching areas, should you ever need it.

I frequently get cramps in my feet and toes (lousy circulation), especially in the middle of the night, but since I now use these every day, I’ve had zero cramps! Honestly, I probably would’ve purchased both of these products to help me get the wiggles out sitting at my desk, but the fact that they also massage and feel great is a bonus!

ToDo Pedal Exercise-Stationary Bike

This exercise bike is compact and can sit right under my desk or just next to it. I can spin on my bike and work at my computer simultaneously. I also get up in the mornings early sometimes and watch bike riding scenes on YouTube and pretend like I’m riding my bike through Paris! It’s a great way to start the day!

Inspire Color Activity Bible

One of the best things about working from home is the flexibility it provides. Being in the Word is an essential part of my day, so I try to work in some bible time as much as I can. I love this bible because it has coloring pages, and I find coloring very relaxing! Sometimes I take just 5 minutes to work on a little bit of one of the pages while saying the verse repeatedly.

Gel Pens

Coloring, of course, has to take place with a great set of gel pens!

Functional & Organized

Many of these office choices wouldn’t be possible without extra electrical outlets! I purchased these because they rotate up or down and allow me to place furniture closer to the walls without jetting out.

Samsung Curved 23.5 Inch Monitor

I quickly realized the need for a second computer monitor while working. I did some research beforehand and read that curved monitors are better for your eyes. I love this monitor because it’s large, clear, doesn’t distort any images, and was easy to hook up to my work laptop.

Livho Blue Light Glasses

If you’re staring at a computer screen most of the day then these blue light block glasses are a MUST. I was having such awful headaches until I broke down and purchased a pair. Wish I’d bought them sooner!

Monitor Stand Riser

This laptop lift stand was a must. My neck was craning down looking at my laptop, and I was beginning to notice! This stand is adjustable and really makes all the difference!

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

With my laptop being on the stand, it was too high up for me to type comfortably. I prefer as many wireless electronics I can get my hands on because it reduces the clutter of cables everywhere, so I was on the lookout for a wireless keyboard. Still, I knew it needed to be pretty (another adjective on my list). I fell in love with this dusty rose/rose gold one! It was easy to connect to my computer, it’s not too large, and has all the keys I need.


Mousepad to match my keyboard? Yes, please!

Wireless Mouse

Oh, and a wireless mouse to match the keyboard and mousepad? Double yes!

Pop Up Post-It Note Dispenser

If I was going all out with the rose gold then this post it holder was a must. I go through a LOT of post-it notes in a week!

Tablet Stand Holder

This adjustable stand is for an iPad or iPhone. I keep my phone on silent all day so that if I’m in a video call, I don’t get disrupted by my phone’s sound. However, I also need to be available to see my phone easily for calls that may come through, and I found that if it was just lying on my desk, it was easy to miss those calls because I didn’t always see them. This helps my phone to sit upright and makes it easily viewable. It’s a little larger, which I like because then it also fits an iPad just as well.

This could also double as a holder for a planner or other paperwork, just as well.

Wire Hanging Wall Grid

This is an equivalent of a corkboard, but I love it so much more because it’s visually appealing and versatile. You can purchase the shelves for it (sold separately). It’s magnetic, or you can hang things from it using clothespins or clips (which it comes with)!

Wire Hanging Paper/File Organizer

This matching organizer is great for organizing necessary paperwork. Blake and I “share” an office (he’s at school during the day), and his desk area is right across from mine. I put this basket on his side to place school papers in, and it brings our two spaces together. I love coordination! You can label it with chalk!

Wire Utensil/Office Organizer

This is advertised for the kitchen, but I knew I had to purchase it to separate all of my writing utensils! It could also be used to put (faux) plants in, accessories, business cards, stacks of post-it notes, candy…the options are endless! You can also label it with chalk!

Monitor Stand Organizer

This desk organizer is a must-have because it will raise your computer, so you’re not sacrificing more workspace. I placed my work computer with the adjustable stand on it and then have all the slots on the bottom for my keyboard and paperwork when it’s not being used. When I’m not working, it gives everything a home and gives me easy access to things during the workday!

Pretty & Cozy

Loom Sofia Area Rug

I need a cozy environment to work in because it really sets my mood. Area rugs provide a lot of warmth in a space. There are a lot of options for color on this one!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps have become trendy in the last few years. We currently have one in our living room, and I knew I wanted one for my workspace as well. I love the light they give off, and they’re said to get rid of negative ions in the air. I don’t know if this is true or not, but, sometimes just the psychological effect alone is enough for it to work. At least in my book!

Zeefo Table Lamp

Another favorite of mine in any location, home or office, are lamps! A few years ago, I read a book on Hygge (pronounced Hoo-GA), which is the Danish word referring to a particular comfortable/content type of atmosphere. (I highly recommend reading more about it!) One way to create a “Hygge” type of atmosphere is to utilize lighting. (Hygge is more than just an atmosphere-it also encompasses people and food. It’s a lot more to explain than what I can here. It’s more like a lifestyle). Anyway, natural light is the preferred method for “Hygge,” but cozying it up with lamps and candles is another way to achieve Hygge. I love these lamps because they’re the perfect size for my office, and it came with a set of two! I have one on my side and one on Blake’s side. Just another way I’ve brought our two spaces together. 

Artificial Plants

An inviting atmosphere must have some greenery. I keep a tiny plant on my desk, another on my bookshelf, and another next to the oil diffuser. I’m not very good at keeping plants alive, so I had to go with something artificial, but if you have a green thumb, then go for the real deal!

Amazon Alexa

Nothing, for me, sets a mood more than music. (Another INFJ trait). This Alexa Dot is even a rose gold color to match all of the beautiful office accessories (keyboard, mouse, mousepad). Each morning, the first words when I sit down to work are, “Alexa, play meditation music.” She plays all day except when I’m on a call, in which cause I pause her and then resume when the call is over.


Essential Oil Diffuser

It may sound crazy to some, but scents primarily drive my mood. Pleasant smells can honestly place me in just the right mindset. That’s why my oil diffuser is built into my morning routine before I sit down. I place droplets of lavender in and enjoy the tranquility. This diffuser also has different light settings to choose from as well. I prefer white, personally. (Admittedly, because the rest of the color choices clash with my office decor. I can’t have bright red or bright teal when nothing else is that color! That would distract me!)

Grow Fragrance Plant Based Spray

This is a plant-based room spray. Whatever scent placed in the oil diffuser should also match the room spray. My senses couldn’t handle the clashing smells!

Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Candle

A cozy environment wouldn’t be complete without a candle. I love the look and the smell of a good candle. I also recommend the scent you choose matches the other scents you have going as well!

I’m sharing these with you because I have loved each product, and they’ve truly made my work experience a great one, and have helped me create a relaxing environment that I feel excited about each time I step into my office to work! All of these little things have made all the difference in a healthy work-life balance.

What adjectives would be important to to creating a perfect work atmosphere for you?

*This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase from one of them then I receive a small commission. Please help out my small business*

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