Social Emotional Curriculum-NOW AVAILABLE!

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It’s been almost 2 years since I started my own company, Klässen Cookies. It’s all been a learning curve. I’ve grown, gained more confidence in myself, taught myself some of the ins and outs of business, learned some legal lingo, and retaught myself HTML. I’ve cried, wondered what in the world I thought I was doing (INFJ’s are NOT business oriented people), and I almost gave up. I WANTED to give up.
Owning a business and operating it is hard work. I was okay with bowing out and leaving it be. But, God has really been pressing me to keep at this. When His voice is clear and LOUD, you listen.
So, I listened. I pushed down the voice inside of me that kept saying “I can’t do this.” I asked God for strength and the confidence to move forward.
Jesus is with me, always. (And now I have the tattoo to prove it!) 😉
I’ve spent some time revamping my social emotional curriculum, and I’m proud to say that it’s now completely available for purchase online as an instant download afterward! This makes it affordable for teachers and parents, and puts it in your hands instantly!
Whether you are teaching in a classroom face to face, virtually, or you are a parent homeschooling, Klässen Cookies will 100% work for you. I’ve also made some editing accommodations for virtual learning.
My website received a slight revamping for the new product, and it’s also listed on Teachers Pay Teachers! Not only can you purchase and download the entire book, but you’ll also get 5 posters with it!
Teaching social emotional skills is more important now than EVER. I promise there’s no other curriculum out there right now like mine!
Check out my website, too!

I’ve been teaching for 11 years, and couldn’t imagine my life without a classroom in it!

I strongly believe in spreading kindness and I draw a lot of inspiration from those who help others. My students will tell you that I am obsessed with quotes, and they’re probably right! A favorite quote of mine is, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

Why Klässen Cookies?

We have reached an all-time high in mental health with anxiety and depression related issues in the United States. In the past 10 years, there has been a 17% increase in those diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

  • 42 million adults live with an anxiety disorder
  • 16 million adults live with depression
  • 10.2 million have an addiction
  • 26% of the homeless population has a diagnosed mental disorder
  • 24% of prisoners have a diagnosed mental disorder
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States
  • 30% of children suffer from some form of anxiety or depression
  • One-half of these mental health issues begin by age 14

We have to reach our children sooner!

The Solution

Students only need 30 minutes with a program that puts them in charge of issues that are relevant in their lives. They need Klässen Cookies!

  • 84% of students said that their teacher helped boost their confidence and self-esteem with Klässen Cookies
  • 76% their teacher was a role model the year they used Klässen Cookies
  • 80% of students felt equipped to work through friendship difficulties with strategies from Klässen Cookies
  • 67% also used Klässen Cookies outside of school to help them solve problems at home and activities

Students respond well behaviorally and academically when they know we, as teachers, have created an atmosphere where they feel heard and valued.

I created an easy-to-follow format, Precepts (rules) that would make the conversations meaningful and confidential, and I wrote a parent component into the program. Parents have contacted explaining changes they have seen in their children, and how, thanks to my communication piece, their children are opening up to them about their day and struggles.

A Personal “Why”

My son is a huge inspiration for me to write this program. I experience and hear first hand the struggles that my son faces and I want so badly for him to have a program that his teachers use in the classroom consistently. He has struggled socially and has already been the subject of teasing on occasion. He’s always at the forefront of my mind with every Klässen Cookies decision and it is a program that I would want his teachers to use. So many issues can easily be addressed if we just take the time to listen and teach our kids empathy and effective communication. I know this because it’s worked in my classroom.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of Klässen Cookies is to change the world by giving students healthy resources and tools to make a difference in their own lives, which will, in turn, make a difference in the lives of others. Klässen Cookies is changing the social-emotional conversation. One cookie at a time.

This curriculum is exactly what our students, teachers, and families are craving. In today’s world, we need a program that will do more than just check a box. We need a program that is going to do something: Change the world.

Klässen Cookies was slowly born over 10 years of listening to my students and parents and is the beating heart of my classroom. I hope it will become yours as well.

    5 posters

    • Klassen Cookies Precepts
    • Lose with a Good Attitude
    • Changing Negative Feelings
    • Tattling vs. Telling
    • Gossiping
  • 154 page social emotional book with:
    • 54 topics
    • Parent letter
    • Student Survey
    • Student Goal Sheet
    • Reflecive Student Goal Sheet
    • National Holiday calendar that supports everything that Klassen Cookies is about
    • Picture and chapter book recommendations that go along with each topic
    • Home Cookie Connection-communication piece for parents that includes family conversation starters, topics for families to discuss together.

I’m so passionate about this book.  Blake was a huge inspiration for me in writing it.  I’m so excited to share it with the world!

You can find it available here!


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