Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Blue Light Glasses


We are living in virtual times during this pandemic. I spent a lot of time at my computer for work before the pandemic, but now it’s the entire school day since I’m teaching entirely online. Many of us are sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day, including children.

As a teacher, I returned to school two weeks ago. I teach in my classroom at my computer while my students attend classes in their homes. In the first week of school, I was getting bad headaches and knew I couldn’t keep that up. After a long day at work on my computer, returning home with a headache isn’t how I want to spend evenings with my family. I’ve heard so many people talking about blue light blocking computer glasses. I wasn’t sure they’d work, and reading the reviews gave me mixed feelings about them, but I decided to try anyway because I felt desperate. I ordered a pair on Amazon to check them out for myself because something had to give. If you suffer from migraines as frequently as I do, headaches can be just as much of a pain. Between migraines AND headaches I was beginning to have zero relief during the week. 

For less than $20 it was worth the risk to try them. I found a package that came with 2. Of course, I got the one that included the pink ones. 

The first day I wore them was the first day I didn’t leave work with a headache! I wore them for the rest of the week and haven’t regretted the purchase since. Such a lifesaver! 

If you’re working on the computer all day in any capacity, I can’t recommend these glasses enough! Five days in a row with no headaches! 

*This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you make a purchase through one of my links then I will receive a small commission.  Support small businesses like me! 🙂 



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