Christmas Car Coloring Pages

Christmas car coloring pages

If you have a car lover of a kid like me, and are looking for something to do with them to keep them engaged for the holiday, I found a few car coloring pages that are holiday themed.

B is very excited about the arrival of Christmas (tomorrow) and is wanting a play by play of every moment of our day today. I don’t have something to fill every minute of the day, nor do I ever, but the excitement is really bringing out the million questions (not 20) game. And while he’s had his share of playing and running a few errands with me, I’ve needed a few extra things to help him pass the time in between all the questions he keeps asking: “How long until we go to church? How long are we going to be at church? How long will it take us to drive back home from church? How many things are we eating for dinner? How many presents can we open tonight? How many presents am I getting tomorrow? What time do I have to go to bed tonight?”

As you can see, every answer to one of those above questions comes in the form of a number. My sweet man loves numbers and knowing how many, how long, and what time to EVERYTHING.

We watched a few Mickey Christmas specials (Thank you Disney Plus), baked cookies for Santa (which we will decorate later tonight), danced to Christmas music, made a fort, and made a quick trip to the grocery store.

In searching for a few more things, I found these coloring pages!


  1. Click the photo you’d like and it will enlarge
  2. Right click to ‘save as’ on your computer
  3. Find and print!

Simple. Car themed. And it’ll help to pass the time a little bit. We may do them all and leave them for Santa!

Merry Christmas!



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