Podcasts for Kids

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I’m such a fan of Podcasts and how productive I feel listening to one, not only for myself but also for Blake.  Every morning in the car I allow him to choose his favorite one for our 25 minute drive to school, and usually he will pick a different one for the afternoon drive back home. We spend time listening to music as well, but a good podcast can be so impressionable.

I wanted to share a few of our favorites!

Podcasts for Kids: AKA, Blake’s Favorites:

  1. Kid’s Bible Stories


The episodes walk through a bible story each week adding sound effects and good story telling to help kids grasp the bible in an easy way. They’re short enough that we can usually get through a few stories in one drive. When we read our bible each night Blake will sometimes refer back to the podcast and recite some of the story by memory!

2. Chompers

uploads_2F1518621984376-qx1x7qmsl9e-209e6d1a8f10061fe232f3edce0136bb_2F00-chompers-finalA friend recently introduced me to this one. The podcasts lasts about 4 minutes and is meant to be used through an entire teeth brushing regimen. It has sound effects and fun facts to keep kids entertained while they brush their teeth, which can make this sometimes unwelcome nightly routine one they’ll look forward to!

3. Brains On

844168-20180529-brains-on-podcast-logo-may-2018Brains On! is a science podcast for curious kids. Each week there’s a kid featured on the podcast to help talk about the science subject for that week. Each episode is centered around one question, told through stories, examples, and humor. My favorite one so far was titled “Memory and deja vu”. I’m glad Blake likes these because I enjoy them as well!

4. Forever Ago


Forever Ago is part of the Brains On! series and each episode is centered around the origin of one thing, such as, umbrellas, shoes, telling time, roller skates, and so many more cool subjects! I’ll be honest, it isn’t one of Blake’s favorites, but he’ll tune in every once in a while. Sometimes I secretly put it on without him asking for it and he’ll listen and ask a question every once in a while. Okay, maybe it’s one of my favorites.

5. Warrior Kid


If you or your husband are into Jocko Willink, then this is a great Podcast for the whole family. Jocko is a Navy Seal turned motivational speaker. My husband loves his (adult) podcasts. He’s also recently written some children’s books, that speak to my favorite subject, social and emotional issues, and how kids can handle themselves in situations. The Warrior Kid Podcasts focuses on kids writing in and asking “Uncle Jake” (Jocko) questions about life. I love his outlook and how he answers these questions. It sparks really good conversations in the car rides with Blake.

6. Paws & Tales Weekly Paws-cast


This is another bible story podcast that tells each story in an engaging way with animal characters! They’re always really engaging and meaningful.

7. Fun Kids Science Weekly


Another science podcast that explores moments in history past, present, and future. Dan is entertaining and usually has expert guests on the show to help answer questions.  He does a good job at presenting topics in a fun way.

If you noticed a common Science theme it’s because Blake loves Science and Math so we tend to gravitate toward those.

I’m always on the hunt for more podcasts for us to engage in together. What Podcasts are your kid’s favorites?






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