I plan on writing a longer blog post about this because I really need to get it all out. Funny, I came across this article as I sat at my computer trying to gather my thoughts.

9 Reasons to Have Some Compassion for the Naughty Kid’s Parents

I’m not sure where to start, but I wish people had more understanding and compassion and that people would just stop judging and seek to understand.

Having Blake has taught me so much, especially with students in my own classroom. It’s made me a better teacher, for sure.

It’s easy to make judgments about parents based on a child’s behavior, but I feel somedays like we are literally trying everything and people judge, make comments, and look at us like we are doing it all wrong. Or that we aren’t doing anything, based only from one moment of what they see.

We’ve been through a lot this week with Blake at school, and I’m almost at a loss.

Day by day, though.

Maybe there’s needs to be more understanding for kids with special needs. Not as an excuse, but as an understanding from teachers, parents, and students.
Something has to give. Somewhere.

Please, don’t assume “the bad kid” is just a bad kid. My child is not a bad kid, I promise. He’s an awesome boy, with a good heart, who just needs a little extra support.

My mommy heart hurts, and hopes others stop judging and rethink before making assumptions.

If having a mom blog, or posting about it helps change one mind, or helps one parent, then our struggles have a purpose.
God has a plan.
And I am determined to find His reasoning in it all.
Because my God doesn’t make mistakes. He creates purposes.
You are my purpose, B.


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