Each night before bed we read books together with Blake. Usually it’s any book he picks out and then a bible story.

His go-to book recently has been this book I purchased from Wonderbly.

This is one I bought, “Kingdom of You”.


It’s about a boy who doesn’t want to clean his room and when his laundry pile becomes too much, a sock turns into a genie and grants him 3 wishes. His first wish is that he can be the King of a land (King Blake) where he doesn’t have anyone telling him what to do, like clean his room. He’s granted 2 more wishes, which are personalizations you can make for your child.  Blake’s wishes include super heroes and ice cream, which I customized just for him. 😉


Blake really loves reading it with his name in the book, and finding the little “gems”, like this Batman-looking figure, since Batman is his favorite.


I love seeing him get so involved in books, which he loves anyway, even if his name isn’t in them, but I always know it’s a hit when he turns to a book again and again.

They have a lot of options! They’re also great gifts for any kid ranging from 0-8 years old.

If you use this code you can get $7 off your first order!

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, and I don’t mean for it to, just sharing a love of fun books. 🙂



*This post contains referral links. This means if you use my code you and I will both receive a discount.




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