End of the Year Kid Craft

IMG_0457-2Happy New Year!

Looking for something to do with your kids for the new year? Try this! It’s my end of the year kid craft! It’s quick and easy, and you probably already have all the materials you need!

In 2015 I started doing an end of the year craft project with Blake. I wanted a way to keep track of his interests, but in a fun way that I could use as art or put in a book one day. I didn’t want to do it all myself, so I thought of a way to get him involved in the project. He’s always loved drawing and painting so the perfect project was him creating a background for me to summarize the year!

I wish I’d started this back in 2013 when he was born, and I regret that every time I look at these, but 2015 is a good starting point, too!

It’s very simple to do this at home!


  • Paper (I recommend white. I’ve used everything from white construction paper, to cardstock, to printer paper when we didn’t have anything else. It all works fine!)
  • Paint (This could be acrylic or fingerpaint! I don’t recommend markers or crayons, as these will be difficult to go over later)
  • Black Sharpie



  • Have your child choose paint colors. I let Blake choose his own colors, but if he picks dark colors I suggest others. Dark colors will make it difficult to see the writing.
  • Be sure the entire background is painted. I like to tell B not to leave any white on the paper.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Write the year and your child’s favorites. I also add in a few “facts” like shoe size and best friend.

Here’s a look back from B’s 2015 to 2018.


I love looking at these every year! I’m not really one to hold on to possessions or materialistic things. I don’t get very sentimental about objects, baby blankets, clothes, baby shoes, papers coming home from school, and such; however, these are pages of his that I’ll always hold on to and cherish.
My how his shoe size has grown, how his toys and drink haven’t changed at all over the years, and how his favorite color is ever-changing.  I chose to take “Hobby” off the list because his hobby is really the same as his favorite toys. I suppose I could’ve put LEGOS, but really he only builds vehicles with them, so it’s like the same thing!

I wonder what next year’s will look like. My baby is growing up way too fast!

I hope you enjoy this end of the year craft. I’d love to see a pic of yours if you decide to do it!

May 2019 bring you many joys and blessings!


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