Upcycled Candle Lid Ornaments

I really dislike to see things go to waste that have such wonderful possibilities. I can’t stand clutter and I’m the first to throw things away when they don’t get used, but because I enjoy crafting so much (when I have the time), I always have ideas floating around in my head of ways to reuse things creatively! Because of this, I have a strange collection of plastic yogurt cups, jars, kombucha bottles, and candle lids, among other things.

My favorite candles to purchase are the ones from Bath & Body Works because they fully burn without wax waste, and have aromas that fill the house! I’ve been saving up the candle lids, and even recruited my friends to save theirs and send them my way. (Thank you Ellen and Jody!)

I have a nice collection now and Blake and I started painting them to make them into ornaments! We will probably give them out as gifts to family members (Christmas spoiler alert) and he’s also requested that we give them to strangers as kindness gifts. Gosh I just love his heart so much!

The Bath & Body Works candles are also the best ones because they have a variety of designs on their lids for different times of the year. The ones for the holidays last year had Christmas trees and snowflakes, so I used those and incorporated them into the final ornament.


This is a great craft to do with kids (or alone, too), can be given as a meaningful and personal gift, it’s inexpensive, and really easy! If you’re a teacher it’s also a great craft for the kids to do for your holiday party and take home to mom and dad!


  1. I used chalkboard spray paint as the background because it’s matte.
  2. After it dried I used acrylic paint to paint whatever design I wanted. The above picture had the tree already on the lid as part of the silver raised design, so I just painted it.
  3. After it dried I sealed it with a clear acrylic coating.
  4. I used a glue gun to attach string to hang on a tree.

That’s it! Blake joined in on the fun as well! Can you tell which he painted? 😉

I wanted to paint the background of the snowflake lid white but Blake insisted it be red, so here it is!  I have a few other snowflake lids so I’ll paint the others with a white background I think.


Here’s our lid collection. Blake did some and I did some. I love that we get to do these fun projects together!


I’m also saving glass kombucha bottles and plan on making fun vases out of them. I can’t bring myself to throw them away. So many possibilities!

Do you think you’ll be saving your Bath & Body Works lids to do this?
Feel free to send them my way if you won’t be using them!

*This post contains affiliate links. This means, if you purchase something from one of the links then I will receive a portion of the sale.


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