Snail Mail Sight Words

I feel like snail mail is becoming a lost “art” to the younger generation because they just don’t get the experience these days with electronics. I remember how exciting it was as a kid to see an envelope with my name on it!
Blake loves checking the mail and helping us sort through it, and in the rare times that he does have a letter or box for him, he gets so excited!

We are teaching him some sight words and right now he knows 3 of them: ran, saw, to.  I’m always trying to make learning fun, especially for how active he is. I thought it would be neat to invite people to write him a letter, sending it the old snail mail way, and to use the the sight words he’s learning in the letter so that he can read part of his own letter!

I updated my social media account status to help with this little project.
I love to make learning fun! Right now _______ is learning to read some sight words and the ones he knows well right now are: ran, saw, to.

I thought it would be a really fun idea to combine his excitement for getting notes in the mail with his new knowledge!

If you would like to help us, please write ________ a short note and send it in the mail and include the words he/she can read in it. I can’t wait for him to see that he will be able to read part of his letter!

Let me know if you’d like our address!

*Bonus points if you talk about __________ (kid’s favorite interest) in your note

Feel free to use!
It could really be a fun way to get mail for kids at any sight-reading level!



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