Where’s My Chapstick? Oh. Right.

Funny, the things kids say.

I found Blake playing with the chapstick that was laying on the kitchen counter next to the mail. I’d left it there after cleaning out my purse.

(What is it with kids and chapstick anyway? Is there some secret attractable scent that only children under the age of 5 can sense? I’m convinced of this, because the companies know that as soon as your child gets a hold of the tube, it’s a gonner. You’re going to throw it away because it will be half chewed, broken from turning the nozzle too much, or it will have dog hair from waxy fumble fingers, and bits of dinner will be speckled on  top. Extra speckly when there’s spaghetti! Then, you’re going to have to purchase more chapstick, because the thought of all those germs translating to your lips is just too much. Smart business move, Chapstick. Or evil tactic.  I digress.)

Blake was playing with the tube, twisting the nozzle up and down, rubbing some on his lips, some on his cheeks, and a tad on his forehead. He reached the end of the chapstick and the tower of wax, unable to stay upright, toppled to the floor and rolled across the kitchen floor.
I stayed calm. We’ve been here before.

I said, “Now mommy doesn’t have any chapstick for you or me in the cold weather. You know it isn’t a toy. It’s like medicine”

He looked me dead in the eye, raised his eyebrows, leaned forward slightly and said, “Then you shouldn’t have left it out on the counter.”

What do you say to a 4 year old who says this?







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