If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas or upcoming birthday gift, consider a personalized book! I’ve been on the hunt for a gift for my niece and I feel I hit the jackpot with Wonderbly!

Some of you may have heard one book they’re known for, The Little Boy (or Girl) Who Lost His Name.

The book takes the child on an adventure to find all the letters in their name, and this is exciting because every kid I know is obsessed with reading their name, learning to write it, or say it.

I ordered “The Kingdom of You” for my own son, because I like that it allowed me to personalize some of his interests.

Both books I ordered will even be here next week, before Christmas, and I just ordered them three days ago.

If you use my referral link then you’ll get $5 off your order, and if you order 2 books and enter the code “multi15” you’ll get an additional 15% off.  Not sure how long that will last, though.

Have fun shopping. It was super fun to do! I just know they’ll love having these to read! Kids love seeing their name!


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