Rubber Wedding Rings {Qalo & Enso}

Rubber wedding rings are quickly gaining popularity, offering trendy option bands for couples.  Now they’re available in a variety of colors and styles, with more being released all the time! They can be fun, sporty, and I love that they can show off your personal style.

My husband and I have had ours for a few years now. I was searching for a wedding ring option when I was pregnant with Blake that would allow me to continue wearing a ring, but also that would be comfortable when my hands were swollen. My husband had his black rubber ring months before mine, and while I thought it was okay for HIM to have one, I wasn’t initially fond of the idea of replacing my platinum band for a black rubber option, which is what he sported. When I got to the point of no longer being able to wear my own wedding set, Michael ordered me one online as a surprise, in gray.

And it’s what I’ve worn for the past 4 years!

I’m not a big diamond jewelry-girl to begin with. I’m girly, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t consider diamonds my best friend. Give me a cute pair of trendy turquoise earrings and I’m much happier! Placing my wedding set in a jewelry box wasn’t that hard for me to do. My initial hesitation of the rubber rings was that it wasn’t very feminine looking in black, but the gray gave me something that was less bold, more subtle, cute, and comfortable. The absolutely BEST part of it was that I DIDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN IT! (I hate cleaning jewelry…it’s such a pain!)

FullSizeR (1)
I wear my rubber ring when running races, showering, moving, working, cleaning, special events, everything! It doesn’t nick, doesn’t get too tight, doesn’t get dirty, doesn’t flip around where the diamonds poke me in the hand, and it doesn’t scratch my kid. (Big plus for those with newborns!)

There have been occasions where I could’ve slipped on my diamond band and engagement ring for the night, like attending another wedding, but I haven’t. I’m perfectly content with the simplicity of my rubber ring. It’s accompanied my left hand to a variety of celebratory occasions, fancy and low-key.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind tucking away your wedding set in your jewelry box for safe keeping, then I’d say you should go for it!
You can choose to wear the rubber rings only when active, yardwork, just during the sweltering summer months, or all the time, like me!

The rings Michael and I first purchased were Qalo, and they’re the most popular brand.  However, someone recently told me that Enso made a rose gold option, and when I heard that then I KNEW I had to have it! (Qalo doesn’t currently have any in rose gold). I went online and ordered it, and am in LOVE with my NEW ring!


The Enso rose gold is a little thinner and dainty. To me, this color resembles more of an actual band because it has a sheen to it, and doesn’t look rubber at first glance.  That, and I’m just crazy over rose gold these days!

Here’s the comparison of the Qalo (gray) and Enso (rose gold).

FullSizeR (2)

I’m a fan of both brands. The Enso ring is textured on the interior, but I don’t feel it. They both feel the same and the fit is the same. The biggest difference between the two is that the texturing on the Enso ring causes parts on the sides of the ring to look rough or like there are manufacturing flaws, but in reality, the texture just wraps a little farther around in small areas. Not very noticeable. The Qalo doesn’t have any texture in the interior so it’s smoother all the way around.

People often ask me if they last. I had my gray Qalo for four years and never had one issue with it, not even stretching. I’ve only had the rose gold Enso for a few weeks but it’s so far held up perfectly, and I don’t anticipate any problems.  Even if after a few years either ring began to stretch, I’d say $30 spent was well worth it and I’d have no problem replacing it.

They’re even inexpensive enough to purchase a few so they could be changed to suit your mood. Or outfit. Or season!

I can’t say that I would recommend one brand more over the other. They’re both great options, depending on what you are looking for as far as styles and colors, and may be a $10 price separation if that makes a difference for you. Depending on what you get, either will cost you between $20-$40.

Both companies offer his and her ring options to save money. Women can even purchase wedding sets that are “stackable” so that the “wedding band” and “engagement” ring fit together.

I don’t think you could go wrong with either one!

Jump on the rubber ring craze with me and show off your personal style!

Are you Team Enso, Team Qalo, or another brand?


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