Stitch Fix

It’s heeeeere! Christmas in April!

For this Fix I requested some shorts be included in my box since summer is quickly approaching, and because, thanks to my food allergies, I’ve lost a few pounds and my current shorts don’t fit very well.

My favorite thing to do when I open the box is to see the neatly folded pile, looking just as this, and to scan the different patterns. This was my first glance. Was the red and blue material a blouse? A dress? I knew I loved it right away! I also really liked the blue-patterned material on top! If I was choosing my picks based on designs alone then I’d already found a few favorites!


Market & Spruce

Kipp Jersey Dress


The material on this dress is stretchy and oh-so comfortable. The seams hit at just the right place to make it flattering, and I just adore the pattern. It’s perfect for work, but also comfortable to wear on a weekend. Michael was convinced I have this almost exact dress in a similar pattern, but after wracking my brain (and closet) I realized he was thinking of an old Daisy Fuentes top I purcahsed years ago at Beall’s, but no longer have. Good memory, but way off. This is way cuter!

Jella C

Janssen Lace Bib Top


I fell in love with the pattern of this top immediately. I also love that it’s flowy and not too fitted. I used to love fitted clothes before having a kid. My body doesn’t look the way it used to so I prefer clothes that don’t hug me in all the extra puffs I have going on.  My favorite part about this top is the lace, adding that extra frill.

*This top is too big so I knew if I decided to keep it I needed to exchange it for 1 size smaller. Exchanges are super easy with Stitch Fix. You just send the items back in their envelope, place it in the mailbox, then log onto the website and state the new sizes. They will send the new size within a week*

Skies are Blue

Elendil V-Neck Top

Eeeek! I love patterns! Isn’t this one so fun? It’s silky and loose and I was sure I could use it to dress an outfit up or down. It was probably my favorite of the bunch because it made me feel confident and pretty with its floral design.

Dear John

Josephine Roll Cuff Short (Left)

As you can see, I loved the Skies are Blue top so much that I kept it on to show off my shorts! Here is what I was sent for the shorts I requested. I’m not saying I don’t like them (I really do!) but I was picturing….shorter shorts to arrive. All the shorts I currently own are very short and they definitely don’t follow the finger rule of length. It’s just what I’ve always worn, so I was a little surprised and thought they seemed a little, well, mommish.  But I do have to remember that I’m not in my 20s anymore. I drive a van. And my kid plays soccer. So I’m like, literally, a soccer mom these days. Oh. My. Gosh. Soooooo, perhaps these longer shorts are a little more appropriate for me. (Where’s the crying/upset faced emoji when I need it?) Plus, longer shorts seem to be trendy again! And those cuffs, you may ask? Yeah, well, apparently those are back in style, too! Pretty sure I had a pair just like the ones on the right (only a tad shorter) in middle school.

*I knew if I decided to keep the shorts on the left I would need a smaller size. Again, it’s very easy to make exchanges*

Overall, I was very happy with this fix and excited to wear my items for the summer months, because, boy is it getting hot in Florida!

This was my favorite Stitch simply because of the deal I received on it!

Which items do you think I kept?

If you are thinking about trying Stitch Fix, please use my referral code! I receive a $25 credit for each referral after your first Fix is shipped. You’ll be my new best friend! 🙂

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