The blog post today is a guest post by my sweet friend Melissa. She’s recently discovered Chatbooks and has been raving about them on social media, which has peaked my interest! I asked her to write a review because it sounds like something fun that other moms would also love and enjoy. Who doesn’t love to take pictures of their kids?!?

Here’s Melissa!


I’m so excited to be on my friend’s Brittney’s blog.  Brittney and I have been friends for about 3 years and I’ve been reading her blog since the beginning.  I love how she shares her honest and authentic self with us and how she shares some of her favorite finds (her Stitch Fix posts are some of my favs)!

I’d like to share with y’all today one of my favorite things.  This app helps me get my most beloved pictures and memories from my phone into a beautiful little book with just a few minutes worth of time from me (I have a husband, 3 boys 6 and under and I’m stay at home, so I don’t have a lot of “extra time”).
It’s called Chatbooks.  Here’s the gist of it: you download the app, for free on Android and Apple, and then you connect your Instagram and/or Facebook accounts to your Chatbook account and Chatbooks uploads your photos automatically.  At every 60 photos, Chatbooks will send you a book for $8 (and that includes shipping!)! When your book is completed and ready to be printed, Chatbooks emails you and gives you a few days to make changes if you want, including: deleting photos that you don’t want included in your book, re-arranging the order of the pictures,  and changing  the cover picture.  You can also adjust other options like page numbers or including or not including captions or locations. Then Chatbooks prints and send the book.
You don’t need a Facebook or Instagram account either, you can use the favorited photos on your iphone too! You can also add contributors or set it up so your book includes certain hashtags (which is fun if you have a hashtag that you use for your family, each of your kids, or vacations).   I have my husband’s Instagram account linked to our book series so his pictures automatically show up in the book too!
This app makes it so easy and simple to get your best pics from your phone into your hands and you can’t beat the price! I love that I don’t really have to spend time on it or thinking about it, it’s self sustaining…like a cactus…sort of.
My kids love them too.  They love to look through them and talk about all the fun stuff we’ve done and since they are so cheap, I don’t care (too much!) if they get ruined because a replacement book is only a few clicks and $8 away. We haven’t had to replace one yet because they are good quality, thick pages and a sturdy binding.  It’s a good size, 6 inches square with the inside pics measuring 4 inches square.  Easy to hold and see the pics but small enough that they don’t take up too much space.
So what if you have hundreds of pics on your Instagram or Facebook account? You can go to Chatbooks and start a subscription with your new series and Chatbooks will give you some options to help you get caught up.  You can choose to get 10 books, 5 books, or 1 book printed per month until you are up to date.  When I first joined Chatbooks, I had enough pics to form 4 full books which I just ordered all at once.
There’s really nothing to loose (except a few minutes), Chatbooks has a happiness-money back guarantee and if you sign up through my link you get your first book free, and if I can get 4 people signed up by February 1, then I get Chatbooks for free for five years! You could turn around and get people to sign up under you to get years for free as well!
I know y’all will love this easy to use service as much as I do!
*This is not sponsored by Chatbooks, and I am not receiving any compensation for the review. I just love them so much that I want to spread the word!
*This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to sign up for Chatbooks through the links provided Melissa will get a credit toward hers!

One thought on “Chatbooks

  1. We LOVE Chatbooks in this house too! I am currently expecting volume 9 of our family series in the mail 🙂 And for my in-laws wedding anniversary all three of the kids collaborated on series about grandchildren. They just got second volume in the mail and they say it was the best gift ever!


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