Saving Money with Honey

I love to save money when I can, whether it’s through phone apps or using coupons. These days, in-store coupons that don’t include an app have taken a back burner just because I don’t have the time to devote to it like I once did.

If you’re anything like me, each time I shop online I always Google promotional codes or coupons for my purchases. Sometimes I find deals, sometimes I don’t, but I always try. And I always end up spending probably 20 minutes EACH time rigorously digging for an online code.

Browsing the internet this week, I came across a program that allows you to save money on your desktop computer when you shop online. When I read about it I was hesitant, thinking it was going to be a hassle, and it would fill my computer with ads and a barrage of pop-ups or crowd my navigation bar. Still, the reviews were good so I decided to give it a go.


Well, best online-promotional-Goggling-time and money-saver.

Honey is an automatic coupon finder tool started by a dad who was tired of spending countless hours Googling codes, like the rest of us! (But we do it anyway!)

It’s completely FREE and works with all web browsers except Edge and Internet Explorer. If you’re an Edge or IE user, then you can just download Google Chrome (Mac-click “another platform for Windows), or Firefox and you will have no issues using Honey.

So, how does it work? As soon as you open any retail page, Honey quickly scans the internet searching for all those deals you’ve, possibly, already tried to Google.  Honey frees you and does all the work for you!

After you download Honey, you will notice an “H” button next to your search bar. This is the add-on tool. Any time you are on a website that makes purchases, a number will pop up, which signifies the number of deals that are currently available and working for that site. Click on it and it will list all the deals.

When I opened up Tiny Prints, I could see there were currently 20 coupons!


Clicking on the button then opened up a box to the right that listed all the coupons.


All I had to do then was copy a code I wanted to use and paste it into the coupon code section at checkout.

Our family LOVES to shop on Amazon. If we could’ve purchased a house and new car from them we probably would have. (Since Amazon seems to be taking over the world, this could be in their future one day…)

Good news my fellow Amazon-addicts, Honey searches the best deals for you!

I decided to purchase some WikkiStix for my son. The 192 near the H button shows there are that many deals available with Amazon items, in case you want to peruse. The Honey tool goes beyond just searching for regular coupons though. On Amazon it searches for the best deal possible!

Look at the button next to the Prime icon.It’s telling me that this isn’t the best deal, but if I click it then it will show me better options.


When I click on “Get the Best Deal” here’s the displayed message, letting me know that a  better price is out there. And the better price also includes tax and shipping! (You will have to go in and set a default shipping address in Amazon, as this is how it calculates accurate shipping prices. It’s easy though, it’ll prompt you to do it the first time anyway.)



Once you set your address, you’ll have the option of different sellers and it will tell you how much money you could potentially save by going with a different seller.

Ultimately, I found the below to be the better deal, thanks to Honey!


See? Initially I was going to purchase 1 box for 8.43, but now I get 3 boxes for $11.60! The “Best Deal” icon you see next to Prime tells me that this is the cheapest and best price for what I want.


Downloading Honey is quick and simple, and as soon as you’re done then you can begin shopping, saving money and EARNING money!

The best part? Honey not only saves you time and money, it also pays you with what they call a “Bonus” or “Gold” when you use their coupons to shop! Honey receives a portion of the sale from the company you’re purchasing from, and from that percentage, they give some back to you. The amount given back depends on where you’re shopping and your item, but hey, something is better than nothing. Honestly, I think paying me is an added awesome “bonus”, because the coupon savings and time savings is good enough for me to not want more. The “Bonus” is truly a bonus!

You will receive 50 bonus points a few hours after you sign up, purchase using Honey to receive more points! 100 points=$1. Then you can shop with your points at thousands of major retailers!

I know this whole post sounds like a giant commercial pitch. I am receiving nothing from Honey for my raves about them. I only want to share its awesomeness with all of you.

Please know that the links directing you to Honey in this post are my referral link, because if you sign up through me, once you make your first purchase then I get $5 toward my Bonus. You’re then free to share your own referral link after that to get your $5!

Give Honey a try!


Happy shopping, honey!


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