Hello, Stitch Fix


Busy mom over here. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I go-go-go. I finally arrived home today at 6pm, just in time for dinner and bedtime routine with Blake. When you’re a parent a lot of things get put on the back burner (especially the first week of school!) Those things you once did with such ease, patience and care suddenly are done with difficulty, frustration, and apathy.

Like clothes shopping. Especially shopping for yourself. Especially with a two year old. Or maybe with any aged child, for that matter.

Being a parent and working doesn’t always afford me a lot of leisurely shopping time. Online shopping is usually my go-to, but ordering from some places can be such a pain because of returns, etc. Occasionally I grab a shirt at Target or a skirt from Marshalls. Or even if I am alone and have some time to shop, I really can’t stand trying clothes on in the store. Something about going into a dressing room and changing into 20-something outfits, only to come out with 1 skirt that kinda-sorta-fits, but not really, but you buy it anyway, because may be it’ll fit after you go running a few times….is just….depressing.

Enter Stitch Fix.

I signed up for Stitch Fix a few years ago. I filled out my online profile, but stopped there.  I never actually took the plunge of having the clothes mailed to me.  The “commitment” to it made me nervous. Why? Because I’m indecisive. Okay, and I’m kind of a control freak. Someone else picking out my clothes for me? No, thank you. Not to mention that as women, we are very sensitive to our bodies and how we look. What if I received something that was too small and made me feel worse about my insecurities? I know what looks best on me, so placing that responsibility in someone’s hands is scary for me.

WAS scary…

I took the plunge on a whim a few weeks ago.

So, what is Stitch Fix, you may be wondering? 

Stitch Fix is a fashion retailer! You fill out an online style profile and they send you 5 items regularly, on a rotation that you choose. Once a month, every other month, or every 6 months. You have the choice to keep all of the items that are sent, none of them, or some of them. You pay $20 each time a box is sent to you. If you decide to keep anything then that $20 goes toward the credit of your purchase. Whatever you choose not to send simply goes into the pre-paid envelope provided. You drop it in your mailbox, and keep what you like.



I enjoyed filling out the style profile, rating items I hated (sequence, mesh, leather, super-frills, and pants). I was even able to link my style preferences to my clothing Pinterest board!!

Admittedly, I was pretty leary and skeptical. Yet, excited! I was very interested to see how this “stylist” interpreted what I wanted. I wouldn’t say that I’m a difficult person when it comes to my preferences in clothes, but I do know what I like and don’t like.

Well, my first box came today! I received the email that it was arriving this morning and honestly, I felt like there was a Christmas box waiting at my door ALL DAY at work.  M interest turned into excitement and I was dying to know what was in that box that was “hand picked”.


Immediately I liked the colors and simplicity.


The note inside was just for me, explaining all the pieces and why they were chosen for me.

I’ll forgive this sweet person for misspelling my name in the beginning since they chose such great selections for me.


I love that Wiley referenced my Pinterest board. Now I’m stoked about updating all my favorite outfits on there to gain more inspiration.

After I read this I unraveled and unfolded each piece and couldn’t wait to try them on. Thankfully Michael was home a little early to entertain Blake while I played dress up in the bedroom.  Eeek!

Honestly, I really liked them all and I was very surprised that the stylist understood what I liked so well from, seemingly, such a small glimpse into my life, and just a questionnaire of information. The only item I wasn’t crazy about was the white-knit top. Mostly because it’s a little heavy for this Florida weather.

I decided not to keep all the items and limited myself to two of them. The dresses, of course!


I placed the items I am returning in the envelope, sealed it, and will drop it in the mailbox tomorrow.

I am thrilled with the selections and the ease.  Now I just wait until my October fix to get here!

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it, but I’m glad I finally made the decision.

If you’d like to try, please use my referral link here so I can get a $25 credit! 🙂

Happy Stitching!


One thought on “Hello, Stitch Fix

  1. I love stitch fix!!!! I’ve gotten about fix or six boxes. After the first, I did a lot of changing my delivery date over the summer. I love how specific you can be with what you want and that my stylist looks at my Pinterest board. Totally hooked!!!


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