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You can read THIS blog entry to read about  ways to save money without clipping coupons.  Great place to start. This entry is an extension of those money savings tips that I wrote a year ago, only, this time, it’s using ALL apps! No clipping. No store credit card, just you and your smartphone EARNING money and rewards.

I used to spend hours clipping coupons.  I would purchase multiple newspapers so that I could double my savings. I would research all the places in town that had the lowest prices of a certain item that week, and I would stack coupons to get the best offers I could. That was before I had a kid.  I just don’t have the time anymore. My best way to save money is to use my smart phone. I encourage you to visit the link above to find additional ways of saving that are NOT listed here. This is an updated and additional list of ways to save.

ReceiptPal-is an app where you SIMPLY take a photo of ANY and ALL receipts through the app and once you fill up a “card” (meaning, 4 receipts) then you earn 100 points.  Redeem points for a gift card. Gift Cards include Amazon, donation gift cards made to a charity selected by you, gift cards, dinner and a movie gift cards, or other choices of gift cards to be redeemed from a list.  It really works!

Find & Save-When you shop at certain stores from the list, you receive a percentage or a dollar amount of your money back depending on the amount of money you spend.  Once you accumulate $25 in your “account” then you can request a cash pay out.  Easy peasy! Some of my favorite stores include Aldi, Victoria’s Secret, CVS, , Starbucks, and Bath & Body Works!

Snap! (By Groupon)-This works very much like iBotta, or Checkout51. You purchase items that are listed, snap your receipt,and get cash back. Bam! Seriously, that’s it.

Shrink-This app also works similarly to iBotta and Checkout51, only the name brands aren’t as well known, and they are geared toward more healthy eating options.  (New Year’s Resolution, anyone?) The entire purpose of Shrink is to provide you with HEALTHY name brands that aren’t common, in hopes that you will purchase them again! Choose item, unlock, snap receipt, and earn cash and rewards!

Saving Star-Again, working similarly to iBotta and Checkout51, you will earn either a dollar amount or percentage on certain items that you select.  You must upload your receipt to earn the cash.

Bottom line with all of these apps, SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS. 😉

The following 2 apps don’t have any thing to do with scanning receipts for groceries, however, they are additional ways to earn money using your smartphone.

Surveys On The Go-Log in and create your profile to instantly earn .50c! Turn on Location Alerts and Location Services to have surveys sent to you automatically through your phone. Redeem the cash you earn! Yep, that’s it!

Mobee-(Please use my referral code PG44)-if you’e ever worked in retail then you are familiar with “secret shoppers”.  Well, now YOU can be a secret shopper. (Woah, I used to be really scared of those people when I worked at Barnes and Noble.  Just hearing my store manager saying that a secret shopper was coming in that day made me so anxious! Now I can inflict the same anxiousness upon someone else! Is that mean?) Based on your location, Mobee will send you alerts and give you a “mission” on what to do/ask when you walk into a store. Ask the questions they tell you to ask, view the things they tell you to view, answer a few questions, and earn rewards! Basically, you are a secret agent making sure the barista behind the counter is friendly, and gets your order right. 😉

I hope some of these money saving tips and earnings are helpful to you! Let me know if there are any more QUICK and easy ways out there that you can share with me! I freakin’ love technology!

Well, most days.







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