End of the Year Craft for Kids

Recently I’ve really been into doing crafts with Blake. Kind of a big deal for me. Aaaanyway, I wanted to do something to close out the year that would showcase him for 2015. Things that defined the little person he is! I thought about drawing a picture of a truck and having him paint it, but that seemed kind of boring.  I decided, first, to have him paint a background and I’d figure out what to do with it afterward.  I had to convince him NOT to put too much purple in (his favorite color) because I knew it would be difficult to see most anything that went over top of it.

I started out with drops of paint and let him finger paint to spread it all around.




I LOVED the look of this.  LOVED being past tense. HA. I wanted so badly to stop him right here because I thought the colors blending together in STRAIGHT LINES looked beautiful. So, I told him that was enough and he quickly replied “No! More painting!” I sighed a little and obliged.

Then this happened.


The mommy in me thinks this is so beautiful because my baby did it.  The other part of me is like “Now it’s a bunch of brown mush!” I added a little green into it and let him spread that around so that it looked a little more vibrant.

We washed hands and he went to play as it dried.  I continued to think about what I was going to do. The idea of drawing a truck returned to me, but then I realized that he likes many things, and I didn’t want to do the one think he liked.  Painting collage? Police cars, firetrucks, books, trucks, Thomas the Train. That all seemed too random and disorganized to have a bunch of pictures of a bunch of different things.

Then the idea came to me! I would simply WRITE down all of his favorite things for the year! I was instantly excited for this “end of the year” tradition of a craft that B and I could do together year after year.
I wrote in black sharpie and framed it in an 11×14 with a white matte (aka: larger blank sheet of white paper) 😉


I’m a little mad at myself for including “shoe size”, as that isn’t really a “favorite”, but in the moment I was writing this I thought how neat it would be to see what his size would be at the end of next year.  Will I leave “shoe size” in next year? Or maybe I’ll just change the title to “Blake in 2016”.  Not sure.

What I included.







(Favorite) Shoe Size (I just have to LOL at this I guess…)


I am so glad I did this! It was really fun, and I can’t wait to compare them years from now!

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