Ear, Nose, & Throat Appointment

I’ve been meaning to update for weeks.  I have an entry sitting in my “drafts” at the moment that I keep coming to and adding to, but haven’t finalized.  Things have been hectic, and I’m ashamed to say I don’t think I’ve even updated since we moved! Seems like forever ago. There’s much to update on, but for now I’m sticking to the lovely subject of ear infections.

I took the day off tomorrow to take Blake to the ENT.  I’m half expecting this doctor to tell me that everything is fine and I have nothing to concern myself with, in regards to B’s frequent ear infections/fluid in the ear. This is such a constant issue with us, and has been for 2 years, and I’m finally taking him to the ENT to give myself peace of mind.  If you’re close to me then you know what a battle this has been.  No other friends of mine who have kids seem to have as many ear issues as my kid does, or when they do, there’s been something done about it.  I’m not blaming his pediatricians. They’ve done a good job of keeping me at ease for the most part, but after our last visit where I was told it was “just fluid in his ears” (AGAIN), I decided to seek a specialist’s point of view.  Since that same visit where he just had fluid, he’s now gone to pulling and yanking at his ear. And this is the cycle I find us in.  He presents symptoms, I take him in, he just has fluid, we go home, a week or so later it seems to get worse, I go back in, and now it’s an ear infection.  And honestly, sometimes I’ve never even brought him back for a second time. We just let it naturally go away, which it does in some cases. But still, I feel the frequency is just more than it should be.

Part of me feels silly for seeking a specialist, because there’s a fear that I’ll look like I’m over reacting and after all this hype, it’s just going to be nothing and I’ll look silly.  Then the other part of me just needs to settle this already and to have certainty. I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my mom-duties if I didn’t find out for sure. I’ve already missed 2 days of work, and my husband 2 days, due to ear problems since August.

So, we will see. Of course I don’t want anything to be wrong with his ears. I don’t want him to have any kind of surgery. I just want what’s best, what ever that happens to be.

I was told over the phone that the first thing they will do is a hearing test. A hearing test on a 2 year old? Interested to see how that will go. Supposedly it’s very interactive and easy for them to pick up on the queue of how to respond. Wonder if there’s a lawn mower sound option, for my little lawn mower lover.

Despite all the ear issues, I don’t really think he has any issues with his hearing. May be selective hearing. Can they fix that?

OR, may be they could even tweak MY hearing and somehow cancel out the exact decibel of the word “No”, when uttered by Blake’s voice. I’d certainly hear a lot less words from him throughout the day.

“Blake, let’s go take a bath!”


“Blake, let’s go night-night.”


“Blake, will you sleep until 9:00 tomorrow?”


Peace. At least until the tantrum starts.

Our appointment is at 8am tomorrow. Why do I feel nervous about this? All I can think about is how much he’s going to hate having headphones on his ears because he can’t stand anything on or around his head/face. I mean, he is only two. Surely they aren’t going to expect headphones to stay on a 2 year old? I hope he cooperates well.


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