Strider Kids Bike-Product Review

This past weekend we took a stroll in downtown Winter Garden and decided to take a walk through the bike shop there.  Blake is obsessed with bikes. Any time he sees one he points at it and wants to chase after it. (Other things he’s also crazy about: boats, lawn mowers, motorcycles, trucks, dump trucks, semi-trucks, and tractors. Yep, he’s definitely a boy!)

Michael has been into cycling lately and needed to purchase a few things any way. While Michael shopped around, Blake and I toured the store, feeling the material of shirts, pulling some of the shoes off the racks, and pointing to every bike in the shop wanting to know its color.

Leaned against a wall I noticed a tiny, yellow bike for kids.  Blake saw it too and went over to it, obviously noticing it was a “my size” bike.  I’d never seen a bike like it before, so I inquired, wondering why it didn’t have any pedals.  A bike without pedals just looks like it’s missing something imperative.

It’s the perfect bike for a little-adventurous-guy like ours. He sits on it and propels himself. The seat and handle bars are adjustable and can grow with him.  I also learned that it’s a great segway in to a bike with no training wheels someday, because as he propels himself on this one he’s also learning to balance.  We can completely eliminate the training wheels.


We were so excited at his excitement for it that we spontaneously purchased Blake his first bike!


He’s really enjoyed it! He fell off of it once, but got right back up.  His favorite thing to do with it right now is to drive it around the living room and point to EVERY SINGLE part of the bike wanting to know what it’s called. So far I find myself saying “frame” for nearly every part except handle bars, seat, and wheels. Looks like I need to get learnin’ on my bike parts and lingo, just so I can be exact. (Like he’ll know the difference, but it’s important to me I teach him the right thing.  Call me crazy-educational-mom.)

I love the fact that we are able to do such fun things with him and for him these days! I’m excited that this will help him with a big boy bike one day because I do not look forward to teaching him to ride a regular bike after having been dependent on training wheels.  I say this from experience.  I didn’t learn to ride one until I was almost 8 because I was sooooo scared after relying so heavily on my comfortable 3-wheeler.

Anyway, every age milestone has been my absolute favorite! Watching him explore the world and discover new things just makes me fall in love with him even more. Now, he can explore the world even more while riding his new shiny bike!

With this age being my favorite,  I will say, I could totally do without the tantrums.  That’s a whole new blog post, though!

We purchased our Strider Kids Bike from Wheel Works in Winter Garden.  I highly recommend, if you’re in the area!


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