House Hunters


House hunting is NOT fun. But, it is fun. Then, it’s not again.

We’ve, so far, looked at about 15 properties and neither of us are crazy about either of them.  Initially we decided that down sizing meant we should switch from our current 4 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms.  Then,  after seeing 3 bedroom houses and mulling over that a bit, we decided 4 would be best, in the event we decided to have another kid.  And I do mean IF. We decided to change our search to 4 bedrooms, yet consider ones with 3 where we could easily close off a formal dining room to create a den/office.  We realized we just aren’t fancy enough to have a true formal living room. We’ve lived in our house for 3 years and have used our formal may be 4 times. MAY-BE. And I think one of those times was “Hm. Let’s use THIS table since we haven’t used it in a while.”

Today we saw 3 properties. Naturally, I loved one and Michael loved the other. I use the word “love” lightly. More like, we liked them enough to consider them.

Hmmm, did I happen to mention that our house has sold?


The first house was a 3/2 with a formal that we immediately decided we’d close off.  All updated with a great walk-in laundry room.  Room enough for one room as our living room and another room as our projector room.  I loved the layout and the openness, oh, and a large screened in porch, and beautiful newly tiled bathrooms.  Unfortunately, there was a steep driveway and a hilly yard that was worthless. I liked it the best out of any that we’ve seen.

The second house seemed small, though had the same square footage at the one above. We could easily close off the formal dining as an office, but the rooms were smaller and it needed updating. It had a screened in pool that needed some work, and the guest bath was twice as small. (I figure, if we have a second kid then it would NOT be a bathroom conducive to 2 kids sharing). I didn’t like that the master bedroom was right off one of the living spaces.  (This was Michael’s favorite).

Which reminds me, why the heck do houses have 2 living spaces? What a waste. We’ve realized with our current home how much a 2nd living space is unimportant to us.  Depending on a home layout, we could always knock down a wall or two and join 2 rooms.  I’d say the most difficult part of this process has been trying to find a layout that we will be willing to stick with and/or easily change.

So we have 4 weeks to find something or we will be living with family until something comes along.

I mean, I’m glad it’s sold. It was only on the market for 9 days! Now it just means it’s crunch time and we need to start cranking out the viewings. I’m trying really hard not to stress about all of this. So far I’m doing a good job. We really thought the house we’re living in now was going to be our forever home, but it seems God has other plans.  We are willing to be picky with the choosing of this one in order to stay for a looooong time.  We haven’t even started packing and moving yet and I already never want to move again.

So, the search continues to continue. I really hope we find something this week because I’m getting antsy.


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